Dressing up day!

Hey, hey, hey!

So today was (as you can probably guess, and if you can’t, then I might think that you’re retarded) dressing up day! Different classes had to dress up as different things. We had Lord Voldemort for the IB class, Manga for 11C, Hip-hopper wannabe for 11D, Athletes for 11A and Old granny/granddad for 11B.

IT WAS SO FUN! I have to say, though, my costume was the most boring one and everyone else were great. But, I mean…how hard can it be to dress like a hip-hopper? So, I had to work it somehow…I compensated with “yo mamma” jokes, rapping of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”, weird handshakes and I also gave my self the nickname “D.O.G.G” (pronounced as D.O.Double G). Every second word was “Wazaaap” and “ain’t no party, until a brotha like myself comes along”. But yeah, it was fun.

AND, we got to miss Math Class, cause the 2-nd graders had this show prepared for us and it took place in the cafeteria after lunch (when we were supposed to have math), so yay! And the show itself was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Like…the hosts (Satu and Helmi) were wearing there police uniforms and they were talking through these TV microphones, it was the weirdest thing ever. And they pulled out a black book, called “tha black list” and thank god, I wasn’t on it, cause those who were had some pretty embarrassing shit coming their way. For instance, this:

They had to eat a banana out of the girls’ mouth! It was so funny, though! There was also this thing, where 2-nd grade boys had BOOBS written on their chest and girls had to clean them with wet wipes… We had lap dances and sex positioning…it was just plain weird. How did the principal react? But I guess it’s fine, cause they do that every year for the newbies. And it was really cool, also. They got fruity flavored condoms as prize, almost every 1-st grader went up on the stage (in groups of 4 or 5). And I don’t know which grade I’m in, since I’m taking courses all over the place. but it doesn’t matter, cause I’m going to the Vanhojen tanssit! Which is a BIG deal here. It’ll take place in February, but all the boys are already taken, so I’m kinda stuck here…WHY?????? I have to find a partner soon, cause we have to take dancing practice course together. 😦 Wish me luck!

And here are some pictures of people and things…

Aaand that was my school day. Pretty Awesome, no? And then I met my YFU friend – Pinja and we went to Tapiola’s center and had lunch at Picnic and talked about random stuff and then I got home and wrote this.

Now I must say bye to you, my evil minions!

//Stef  – Until next time!



  1. Oh my gosh! I look horrible in that picture! I really look like I’d be in a huge pain or something, lol.
    Actually I didn’t feel too embarrassed to be on the stage, maybe I’m weird but since almost everyone were up there it wasn’t that bad 😀 About the “Vanhojen tanssit”: you could ask the guys on my class (11IB)? Some of them are already taken but there’s still more than ten of them who aren’t going. Yes, they’re 1st graders but it’s okay to ask a 1st grader guy as your partner (:

  2. I could ask Jere or Daniel (Cohen)…but with my luck, they’re already taken. 😀 Ahh, we’ll see on Monday!

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