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what’s UUUUUPPPPPPP (see what I did there? No? Damn.) ?! So it’s test week already in Etelä-Tapiola lukio and we take shit seriously here, man! I mean, Petra was 2 steps away from fainting in front of her classroom. Chill, people! Yes, I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s probably gonna suck and yes – […]

I love Finland (in case you haven’t noticed)

So yes? Shall I start with the next blog post, explaining how my life’s going and what do I do on weekends and stuff like that? Ok, SO!!! Friday was awesome. I mean…I kinda dislike and like Friday at the same time, cause it’s the end of the work week, which means that school is […]

Kaikki menee hyvin!

Hey, everyone! Monday has passed and it’s been enough time for the memories to sink into my brain. It really was awful. Buuut, on the bright side (speaking like a true 65 year old Endora, Iowa citizen), the last 2 days were quite okay. Maybe not good, but at least not bad! I understood some […]

Why do Mondays always suck?

Okay, this may or may not be a rant. I don’t give a fuck. Not currently anyway. This whole day has been awful. Everyone keeps looking at me like I did something wrong, since that lecture in school I feel the need to cry my eyes out. Gergana is not picking up her phone, the […]

It’s been busy, but has it REALLY been busy?

Moikka! (Yes, I’m going to pretend I know Finnish, whenever I feel like it!) I haven’t written anything since the 13-th? Whaaaaaaat??? I mean, it’s been longer than that for a few times, but blog, you’re my boyfriend, my love, my passion and my addiction! ❤ So, I’m not going to give you details on […]

Good enough.

So hey! No pictures today, sorry! I just want to make this quick post and tell some things. It’s my blog  (how obvious), so if you’re not happy with it, fuck off. Thank you. Now we can proceed with what I want to say. School’s been great. Actually…a bit on both sides. When it’s good, […]

Saturday (night live?)

Hey once again! Hey, blog, did you know that people actually read you? IKR, so weird? I don’t know if the same person refreshes the page like 3000000 times a day, or are there actual readers, but either way – I love you! So, my Saturday was pretty awesome. I woke up at 10, which […]