The weekend.


Soooo, what have I been doing recently, haaaa?

I spent the weekend at my support person – Salla! And it was great. So, first off, let me start with Friday. Perjantai was a nice day. Of course, not only because it’s the end of the week, but also because I got to have lunch with the coolest people ever (at least in my opinion). I was loud and noisy and they didn’t mind. How can that be a bad thing for a person like me, especially when I’m living in Finland?

Anyway, after school I got to go to Kirkkonummi and meet Salla again. I was excited, cause I knew we had a lot to do during our weekend and that included meeting her parents and other “surprising” stuff. On my way there, my host mom and host sister (Lea and Krista) gave me this very cute top from Vero Moda:

The stripes are actually dark blue, a bit like the Finnish flag (hence the reason why they got it for me). I really like it and I didn’t expect that from them, so, again, thank you very much for this wonderful top that I’ll get to wear tomorrow! It was very nice of you! ❤

So, anyway, I got to Kirkkonummi and what did I do there? Basically eat my weight in food. That was the main thing and then there were some others, haha. Salla’s parents are really great, I like them and can’t wait to see them again! The first night we did the first page of my scrap book, which is really cool, if you ask me. We went to make some photos in this shopping center and then I cut a hole in the photos with my parents and heartlessly cut out their faces from the shot, so I can tape them to the scrap book. But they have to take one for the cause! I still have to finish the stuff, I have so much to do, but it’s not happening now anyway. Aaaand yeah…

We also went to IKEA and I bought some pencils from there. I know, I know, I took them, because they were nice, but IKEA was even nicer. Since we don’t have it in Bulgaria, I had a blast walking around, looking at pillows and shit. I have come to the conclusion that almost everything in IKEA is cheaper than it is in BG, which is weird, but then again, you guys (finns) actually pay taxes and they’re pretty high, so you deserve some affordable comfort… BUT THEN, WE WENT TO LUMENE!!! AND LOOK WHAT I GOT:

We went to the factory store, so everything there is cheaper than it is in the stores, if you like Lumene, you should go there and have a blast!

The things I got: Eyeliner, mascara, nail-polish remover, redness concealer, lipstick and a set of eye shadows. My babies ❤

Then we baked a tortu, or kakku or whatever the thing that we did is called, but it’s very tasty and I’m going to post the pictures of “the making of” quite soon!

After that we had some sort of a Venice night with a lot of candles and we had guests (I’m saying “we” as if I wasn’t a guest myself, haha) and I made “shopska” salad and everyone liked it (good for them :D). The night was very, very, very good! And we even played that game where you have to hit points with wooden chunks and the points are from 1 to 12 and if you hit 1, you get the point that it presents, but if you hit more, you get the number of the fallen chunks…what was that game’s name???

And today I went to Helsinki with Salla and she showed me her work place, so now I’ve been into the YLE control building and they have every channel there, it’s amazing. Mtv3, Sub, Channel 4, Maailma, Jim and whatnot. It was very interesting to see how things work. And Salla’s mom works in the actual studio, so I’ll get a tour around there as well (muhahah). I’m the king of the worlddddddd.

And after all these interesting things that happened we managed to get some free time to walk around Helsinki, so here’s some pictures:






Aaand that was it for today, I should probably go to bed already, since everyone else is already asleep…

Tomorrow I’ll go to school and right after that to Helsinki again, cause we have a meeting with some people in front of the YFU office and yeah….

//Stef – Hyvää yötä


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