Since I’m starting to feel like a true Etis (Etelä-Таpiolan lukio student), I decided that I’ll play football with the rest of the etis people.

The awesome event took place at some “arena” near our school. We usually have gym class there. We had 5 teams with 5 different t-shirts (1 team for every class). We had yellow, blue, white, black and red. I was in the white team with Samuli, Laura, Aatos and Kaisa (not sure about the last one) as our tutors. Samuli and Aatos played for the most part, Laura was our cheerleader and I actually didn’t see much of Kaisa…idk why.

So…I woke up at 9 and the thing was starting at 9.30, so there was NO WAY that I could’ve made it on time. But I was only 13 minutes late, cause my host mom gave me a ride! 😎 And on the way out of the house, she told me to take a smaller bag and I did, but my umbrella was in the big one…but the weather was nice, so I went out like that. I wasn’t intending on playing, cause football is not really my thing and I didn’t want to get dirty. I intentionally put on jeans, so they wouldn’t make me play. Okay, let me tell you a thing or two about me and sports:

I HATE/DESPISE obligatory sport. Running, exercising, jumping and bending IS NOT my thing. I get tired easily, I can’t kick a ball properly, I suck at basically any kind of sport, I hate it, the feeling I get when I’m sweaty and can’t catch a breath, when my muscles hurt on the day after, when I’m the slowest one on the team, when my fucking legs give up, when I look ridiculous with this shitty hair of mine and when the first words that come to my mind are curses. Sport sucks, man. When I do it on my own, then it’s a different thing. When I’m not competing, when nobody is watching and I don’t get as tired, it’s okay. Not fun…but okay. Far better than in gym class. So I suppose you now know why I didn’t want to play. I would do everything and anything just to stay away from exercising against my will. I know it’s healthy, but I can do it on my own at home. I walk to school and home, I do push ups and I bike regularly, so I don’t think I need to humiliate myself in front of everyone in school (including the cute boys, who now I will never get the courage to talk to).

But you know what I did today? I said to myself “FUCK IT”. I’m an exchange student and I’m going to do every single shitty thing that everyone else is doing, okay? Yes, my hair is going to look like an eagle has been nesting on my head, yes, I’m going to smell like a raccoon took a piss all over me, yes, I’m going to curse in Bulgarian every time I have to go back to the field, yes, I’ll be the fat chick, who can’t kick the ball, so she always just runs around it, yes, it’s going to be awkward, when people are screaming “RUN” at me and I’m already doing my best, BUT I have to give, so I can take. Give my dignity and take the fun out of it.

And you know what happened? I probably looked the worst out of everyone on the freaking field. The other girls were hot and everything and I was like:

BUT it was fun! It was very fun. I gave up all hopes that someone in this school might actually think highly of me after this, but screw it, it was worth it. I didn’t play THAT much, but it was enough…and some of the people in our team were quite good,s o we ended up being the second worst team (so, 4-th). Good for us. 11D rule!

And honestly, I don’t give two hoots about who won. It was a personal challenge and I really tried and I’m happy with myself even if everyone else are not. It was a fun experience for me. I could’ve just stand there and clap, but I went and played and…everything was just as bad as I had imagined it, but so what? It’s not the end of the world if I embarrass myself one more time, right?

And I came home soaking wet!!! Because (of course), my umbrella was home and the universe decided that it’s a good day to screw me over. OH WELL. I don’t really care, unless I get sick, then it’s going to be a bummer. But that’s highly unlikely, so… Here’s some photos of the event:






And now, my beautiful evil minions, I’ll probably head to Helsinki (again) for some shopping with Krista and äiti. I was there yesterday, too – for the YFU Suomi – kerho meeting. AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???

Okay, so, I was getting on the bus and I asked the driver if we’ll go to Kamppi and he said yes. I politely asked him to say something to me on the stop BEFORE Kamppi, I even sat on the nearest seat next to him, so he can give me a sign or whatever. He said that he’ll do it and…….HE DIDN’T. 56 minutes of my life were wasted in wandering around the center, trying to find the street, where the YFU office was located. I had a map, but it wasn’t helping, since the streets that I walked on didn’t appear there, so I didn’t know where I was and the biggest problem that I had was “which side of Kamppi do I get out from?”. Believe me…it’s important. And it was so weird, I barely found the place! But thank god, I did! And I was one hour late (for obvious reasons). But it was fun, we had a good time. And I got to meet Salla and Mia again. Haven’t seen them since Anjalankoski, I was really glad to see that they’re doing great! And Raino wasn’t there, cause he had some sort of an english exam today, so he had to study…

But I’m happy with the first meeting. Kinda made me remember the orientation camp…which is sad, cause I liked it and I didn’t want it to be over, so now I have kinda mixed feelings. I want to see the volunteers every day!!! 😦 Ugh!

Okay, now I leave you, guys.

//Stef – Take care!


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