It’s been busy, but has it REALLY been busy?


(Yes, I’m going to pretend I know Finnish, whenever I feel like it!)

I haven’t written anything since the 13-th? Whaaaaaaat??? I mean, it’s been longer than that for a few times, but blog, you’re my boyfriend, my love, my passion and my addiction! ❤

So, I’m not going to give you details on every single day, simply because I don’t think it’s that interesting, therefore I don’t remember it. But I am, however, going to emphasize on a few good moments: Thursday was cool. I don’t even know why, it felt great! Yeah, geography was boring and the lunch sucked for a second day in a row, and I felt a bit sick, BUT for some reason I was happy all day! ALL DAY, MOFO’S!!! Okay, then Friday came. I was supposed to meet Tuukka that day. He’s this really nice guy, who used to hang out with my gang and go to my school before he moved to Joensuu. So, I’ve been talking to him, but never really met him! And the meet part was so weird. I was hanging with Eve, Henkka, Joel and Leksi and me and Eve were blocking the main exit and all of a sudden HE COMES UP OUT OF NOWHERE and Karen and Claudia are all over him and when I saw him, I was just like “COME HERE, BRO!” and we hugged.

It’s weird, the things that I can get away with just because I’m an exchange student… But yeah, then I turned back to take a photo of this:

Can you guess what that is? We have to wear one (or more) of those colors on Tuesday. I think everyone’s wearing black, haha. But Maol…I mean… <333 And then I bet that all of the boys are saving themselves for Sparkles!

Aaaaaanyway, after taking this pic, Assu came up from behind me and grabbed my arm and literally dragged me to the table, where everyone were sitting. By everyone I mean Claudia, Tuukka, Veronika and maybe Iisa (sry, can’t remember, I’m too old for this!). Then we were supposed to go to Stockmann to meet Jimy, who didn’t even know existed. Well yeah, he was a smart ass on facebook and he was friends with half of the etis population for no apparent reason, since he’s from Tampere… they told me he was weird and I shouldn’t stare at him. 😀 Point made! I stared my eyes off, though, just for the fun of it. And it wasn’t funny anymore, cause I was late for Sello with Krista and my host mom went almost crazy about it. ;D

Fortunately, we got to Sello in one piece and went to the coffee shop for a cup of papaya and mango smoothie! I don’t know why, but Krista’s requirements of me taking a photo of her and posting it here were the following “It has to be black and white and it has to be the first photo.” So there you go, blog, Krista in all her glory!

After this, we went to all the shops Sello had to offer and I’m so proud of myself, I didn’t abuse my credit card this time. I only bought 1 thing and it was like 1 euro or so. 😀 Krista bought this really soft and nice “neuletakki”, I’ve no idea what’s the word in English. Probably a knit blazer? IDK.

In some hours of going to different stores, my host mom called us up and we met and guess who was with us? Tobias! Okay, so he’s an exchange student as well, he’s from Germany and now lives in Riihimäki and my host mom happens to be his support person, so he paid us a one night visit. He’s cool. And he can dance, which is making me nervous, cause it makes me think of how much I suck at it and how the february dances are coming closes and I still don’t have a partner and I’m going to look ridiculous and everything is going to fail so epically, I’m probably going to break down on the night of the dances and just fuck everything and run away. Yep, that sounds like me. 😀

Anyway! Yesterday I went to Saara’s to have a good time and even though half of the motherfuckers didn’t show up, WE HAD A TRAMPOLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so awesome! And Tuukka came as well, so we got to talk some more and take some crazy pictures and he taught me some catch phrases, but sorry, I don’t remember them! 😀 It was really cool last night, though, seriously! And the pictures are in Saara’s camera, so I’ll publish some here as soon as they fix her laptop and she uploads them to picasa. Which is gonna be soon…I hope.

And today, my lovely nails in jars, I’m going to cook Musaka for my host family. Keep your fingers crossed, I’ve never done it before (even though it’s my favorite dish and I don’t know why my mom never really asked me to do it, but yeah…).

I’d be really sad if I set the house on fire, so you really need to wish me good luck!

//Stef – the chef!



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