I love Finland (in case you haven’t noticed)

So yes?

Shall I start with the next blog post, explaining how my life’s going and what do I do on weekends and stuff like that? Ok, SO!!!

Friday was awesome. I mean…I kinda dislike and like Friday at the same time, cause it’s the end of the work week, which means that school is ending too and I can’t see my friends there, but it also means that school is ending and it’s as simple as that! In the evening I went to Verkku’s house and had a little get-together with the rest of the gang. We were celebrating her birthday and it was awesome. I won’t fall into details, since I have a lot of stuff to talk about, but ok – I always have fun with them. Here are some pictures of that time:


And yeah, I can go on and on about how nice everything went, but I have more stuff coming up!

Like the weekend for example! I was in Helsinki both days to this YFU thing, where we gather everyone we can and have a “language bath” on the first day and then we have a surprise tour on the second one. Let me explain:

We were like 48 people in the YFU office, which is quite a lot, actually, we were expecting no more than 20 people. There was no room, of course, but we squeezed and managed to get along quite fine. The first day we had these games kind of things, everything in Finnish of course and I know it sounds stupid, but we had fun! 🙂 Everything was so colorful and cool and I saw some exchange students that I hadn’t seen since Anjalankoski! (naturally, since they live on the other side of Finland). It was good! And we had pizza for lunch, which is never a bad thing. The strangest thing ever, as well, Salla (my support person) had like 6 people in her house for the weekend. It was like that, because some students didn’t have anywhere to go and they had to sleep somewhere, so… 😀 But I’m still fascinated by how she managed to get all of them sleeping in a BED! AND also, give them a ride to Helsinki and back on both days, AND come and pick me up, too, while she was at it, AND pick Tobias up, as well, cause he was staying at my house. I mean…that’s 8 people! WTH?!?!?! That’s some talented woman, I have to give her some credit. Good job, Salla!

And speaking of students staying over night at other people’s houses, Tobias stayed at our house! I don’t know if you know how he looks or something about him, but…oh well. He’s from Germany and he’s living in Riihimäki for this exchange year. So we sheltered him. 😀 And me and Krista were talking about hot guys non stop, it was kinda intimidating for him, especially after he said that Megan Fox isn’t hot. Seriously? Even I think she’s hot. And I’m a girl. That must mean something, right? GERMAN GUYS have no taste! 😀 Ok, maybe they do, but…it’s still cool to pick on them.

Anyway, the second day (which would be today) was a surprise for us. The YFU volunteers had something in mind, but nobody knew what. Okay, I was thinking that it might be something like that and I don’t remember who told me that it was gonna be something similar, but I feel like I’ve known all along. It turned out that we’re dividing into groups of 5 and 6 people and then we have something like “The amazing race” game in the Helsinki center. We had to count steps, find statues, explain words, try new food, get architect’s names, take pictures with random people and so much more. We had like 20 things to do and we had only 3 or 4 hours to do them.

Well, it’s hard explaining everything, but here are some pictures of our day today!


This is a message for Scott, who couldn’t make it to Helsinki this weekend. I hope he gets it.

Raino, Ilse and Heidi enjoying a cup of tee and preparing themselves to hit the road with their teams.

That’s Salla (not my support person), she was our team’s volunteer (native Finn helper, or whatever you kids call it these days). She did an awesome job with not telling us anything, haha! 😀

This is one of the challenges and the photo is the proof that we did it – take a picture with a random person from Helsinki and take his signature. Okay, you can’t really see the signature, but his name is Janne and he’s quite metal, as you can see. He was fun. Kiitos, Janne! Oh and the guy in the blue shirt is Till. From Germany. Once again.

We had to find this detail on Aleksanderinkatu and a team member had to take a picture with it. 😀

Okay, this was strange. We had to find out what lihapiirakka means, we had to find it and take a picture of it. Apparently it’s some sort of a meat pie. 😀

We had to find pätkis and buy some and take a picture of it and eat it. I have no idea why. But we had to.

And then last, but not least, we had to go to McDonald’s and eat and take a team picture. I didn’t eat there, cause that kind of food is not really my favorite, but we still took the picture! 😀

And then, even though we had everything done correctly, we didn’t win, cause there were too many teams, who had done everything right and in the end, the volunteers voted for the winner by playing “rock, paper scissors”. And the award was Fazer chocolate. Sucks that we didn’t win, but I have a Fazer bar in my room, so it’s not such a big deal. And we had fun, which the most important thing.

I’ll miss everyone (still and again), the students are amazing and so are the volunteers. Thank you, guys, for a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you soon again! (especially Salla, Raino, Ilse, Mia and Anni!)

//Stef – No niin, moi moi!



  1. I discovered your blog! I didn’t have time to read all about your time in Finland but I read quite a lot of it anyways, you made me laugh so many times! (For example the thing about the class doing everything they had to even though the substitute was not in the classroom). As soon as my final exams are over we have to go for a coffee or shopping or anything together:)

  2. Miaaaa, just call me up, when you have time, we’ll definitely hang out!

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