what’s UUUUUPPPPPPP (see what I did there? No? Damn.) ?!

So it’s test week already in Etelä-Tapiola lukio and we take shit seriously here, man! I mean, Petra was 2 steps away from fainting in front of her classroom.

Chill, people! Yes, I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s probably gonna suck and yes – you won’t like your results for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost an arm! It’s just the first period and besides, there’s always gonna be someone who’ll suck more than you, so… 😉 I had math today. I know I was supposed to stay until 12.30 in the classroom and solve problems all day long, arrange data and make histograms like a boss, make Descrates look like a young ice-cream loving school girl for coming up with only the coordinate system…but I just couldn’t stay that long. I was ready at 10:30 already and I stayed 30 more extra minutes, cause lunch was starting at 11 and I didn’t know what to do. Okay, I’m in terms with the fact that I’ll probably won’t get a 10, cause there has to be something wrong with my test, it couldn’t have been that easy, but I’ll be happy if it’s a 6 or a 7…cause I’m a modest person! 😀 And I like koalas!

So now that the only important exam for me is over, I feel quite free and nice. I had a great time afterwards at lunch with many different people like Saara, Assu, Verkku, Nelli and when they decided that they’re too hipster for this building, I continued having fun with Karen, Noora, Henkka, Joel, Rasse, Jamppa, Eemil and some other folks, who’s names I’m not even close to discovering. 😀 Little by little, everyone left, with the exception of Noora, Jamppa and Karen, but she had more classes, so obviously she couldn’t leave! 😀 The rest of us went to the library, cause Noora had this book full of Yiruma songs she had to return. I didn’t know she played the piano! Hell, I didn’t even know Roozeman has concerts. Why do I always learn stuff late? God knows who else of my friends plays the piano, too (except Saara and Verkku, I know about them). Well, check this out.

Screw you, guys, I can play the piano, too! 😀 And this picture is the only proof you got, so everything I say must be true!

But in general, I kinda like the people in my school. Well, more like I’m in their school, since I’m here only for a year, but…you get my point. They’re awesome and if everything keeps going the way it’s going now, I’ll miss them very, very, very much. And today I have made them all my bitches. They’d do anything for candy. 😀 I got some left overs from the amazing race in Helsinki and as soon as I put them on the table, everyone were acting like they hadn’t had any food in weeks and it’s very important for their existential well-being to get at least 2 bonbons. 😀 I can now control them. I have a Fazer sininen chocolate bar in my room that’s been laying around for more than a week, so maybe I can teach them to do some tricks? 😀 Hahaha.

And yeah, that’s basically it! Tomorrow I have a day off from school, but I still think I’ll go, cause I’d like to see my friends 🙂 Besides, I’m a true etis, I should be in school every day! ;D And I have too much free time. Kay, thanks, bye!

//Stef – blrrrlblrrr



  1. asssususus · ·

    WTF YOU HAD CANDY??????????? WHAT IS THIS SHIT1!! and emma also plays the piano

  2. I told you that you should stay. DIDN’T I??????????

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