Monthly Archives: October 2011


Hello, everyone! So Friday was a fantastic day! It started at 6:40 am, when I woke up and felt like Bruno Mars in the “Lazy song” video. I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything. But after 20 minutes I had no choice, but to get the fuck up and go to school. And so […]


The beginning of the new week! So, despite of me having to get up at 6 am, the day was pretty much good. School was okay! Perhaps, because I got to see the great people there, or perhaps, because I didn’t remember it was Monday and all the bad karma was somewhere watching movies with […]

This week!

Has been great! I know it’s not over yet, but still, I think it’s quite nice. So on Monday we got our tests back. Guess who has 10’s in geography, English and Finnish! Yours truly, and I got an 8 in math, of which I’m very happy, cause I expected something really low. And it […]


Hei kaikille! Miten menee? I’ve had a really nice autumn break (syysloma), I must say! So, this is going to be a post with loads of pictures, which I bet everyone is going to like! The break was kinda long, a whole week and I didn’t think I would find stuff to do for all […]

My life is perfect!

What’s up, people? You know how I told you that I like Finland? Well, just as you think it can’t get any better than this, my permanent host family turns out to be the greatest. And I really mean THE GREATEST!!!! I like them all so , so, so much. You cannot imagine the immensity of […]

R-Kioski – nopeaa ja mukavaa on asiointi

Moi! First, it was the “Pullavat” commercial…I did not sleep, I did not eat, I did not do anything without having that song in my head. 2 weeks of torture and agony! But it ended…only to make room for R-kioski and it’s annoying losung that keeps playing itself over and over in my head. My […]


(copied from my word document, it’s from yesterday) Hey! It’s Friday again and my Finnish test is now behind me. I think it went quite well. I mean, I probably won’t get a 10, but I won’t fail for sure. I really want to learn this language and it’s kind of hard to start speaking […]