My life is perfect!

What’s up, people?

You know how I told you that I like Finland?

Well, just as you think it can’t get any better than this, my permanent host family turns out to be the greatest. And I really mean THE GREATEST!!!! I like them all so , so, so much. You cannot imagine the immensity of the good feelings I have towards them. This year is going to be a blast! They are AWESOME.

So let’s start with Thursday. After school ended, I went to my previous home, where I had all of my stuff packed and ready to be transported into my new home. I was so nervous and psyched about meeting Maarit and Hannu and Iiris, Joonatan, Pietari and Aleksanteri, it’s ridiculous how stressed I was. But as soon as we were in the car with Maarit and Hannu, on our way home, everything was okay!

Everyone were so open and cool about me coming to live with them and their house is so nice, I even have a whole room for myself, which is a lot, considering that we’re 7 people all together (ok, the house is quite big, but still :D). And the twins are really cool kids/teenagers, we’ll play PS together one of these days, cause why the hell not? And Iiris is this super girly and fun person, we went to the hullut päivät in Stockholm together and she got some stuff from H&M (the Tapiola center) and I got me a winter jacket that I really like. And we just watched “SAW 1” together and it was disturbing, but… 😀 Aleksanteri is also quite nice, I hear he’s having his first driving lesson today, so good luck, bro, don’t smash the car too bad! 😀 Ahhhhh, and I really don’t know what else to say, I’m without words, my family is terrific. We’re going to have a really good time together.

An interesting and also sweet fact was that, when I went to the kitchen for the first time, I saw these pictures of the “kids” in the house on the fridge and MY picture was also there and when I saw it, I was like “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”, I mean, how SWEET is this? And then the next sweet thing was their “welcome present” (I don’t know what’s with the finns and presents). It was a card that said “We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you” and on the inside it says “Good luck with us” and everyone had signed it and then there was also this cute heart:

And they were like “We hope you can gather all the memories in your heart” and this thing actually opens and you can put photos inside, so I know what I’m doing as soon as possible! ❤ It was so nice of them. I’m never taking it off! I love it so much!

And then, here’s a picture of Hannu, me and Maarit!

AND GUESS WHAT?!?! DESTINY, MO’FO’s, DESTINY. The family has Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This is the best! Seriously. Ironically, 1 year go, in the “About me” section, I wrote that I want to work with this fine machine and now the world is smiling at me. And so is Iiris. That gorgeous human being!:

I love my life. Honestly, I do!!!!

//Stef – in an autumn break mood!


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