Hei kaikille! Miten menee?

I’ve had a really nice autumn break (syysloma), I must say!

So, this is going to be a post with loads of pictures, which I bet everyone is going to like! The break was kinda long, a whole week and I didn’t think I would find stuff to do for all this time, but turns out I was wrong. The best thing about holidays is that you can sleep as late as you want. And I’m lucky, cause my family doesn’t have anything against it, and in fact, most of the kids (by kids, I mean the 17 year old ice hockey player and the 15 year old glam girl living on the same floor with me) sleep as long as I do, so YAY! We live in peace! Me gusta. As for the twins, they don’t make any noise at all (at least not, when we are sleeping), they’re angels!

Anyway, I don’t remember what I did on Saturday and Sunday, but I think I went out with a bunch of people and had a nice time and on Monday I woke up at 12.40 pm and had a movie day, it was awesome. On Tuesday I went out with Noora, we were in Helsinki:

We were in Helsinki for 3 or 4 hours and we had a great time! Some guys were supposed to come with us, but they decided to bail on us and watch Pokemon/play nintendo for the whole day and me and Noora came to the conclusion that they’re a bunch of whining girls, cause it took them 5 days to figure it all out. Our assumption is not based on any observations, but you know…we just thought it would be cool to call them a bunch of whining  girls (*cough* bitches *cough*). Hence, her status “mihin tarvitaan poikia kun on suklaamuffinsseja? vai mitä Stefani? :DDD ps. kiitos illasta!” and it was world war three on that status…it was me and Henkka against each other, he thought he had more fun than us! 😀 Riiight. And on the next morning Rasmus tells us that he thinks we need to get back to school. I think he’s correct. Mr. Kivisaari is seldomly wrong. But it was only Wednesday, was it not?! So, I had loads of free days and I was wondering what I should do with them. I went out on Wednesday with friends again and on Thursday I went to a “party”, of which I am not going to talk about, because it contains too much finnish-ness.

When I woke up in the morning I was like “Damn, I need to go home”. But it was only 9 am and I fell asleep around 4 or 5 am, so you can imagine that I looked like a zombie. So I went home and slept until 1 pm. Then we (me, Maarit and Hannu) went to Helsinki (for me it was the second time for the day) and watched Iiris’ play and it was awesome. She was a fairy or something, I don’t even know! Then we went to this really cozy italian restaurant and I had THE BEST lasagna of my life. I swear, it was so, so, so tasty! Mmmmmmm.

Then on Saturday we went to the summer cottage, which is on this island and it’s very nice! And here come the photos:

I don’t know what Hannu has under his eye, but I suppose it’s a sea weed, since we were out and about with the boat, so… 😀 He still looks nice!

And by the way, I have to say what kind of evil trolls my siblings are! 😀 I was nice enough to go out with Joonatan and Pietari to search for Jootsu’s phone charger (they were scared to go on their own) and what do they do in return? 😀 Together with Iiris, they sent me a total of 153 messages with either empty context or something like “asdkj”. Iiris also texted me some words that made sense like “fuck your life?” and “chillin” 😀 I don’t even know! I have so much respect for them, but I made them listen to me reading each and every one of the messages. And then we kept on talking and talking and talking…it was a fun night! And fun syysloma in general.

Now I also miss my friends, so it would be nice to see them all tomorrow! 🙂 And then everything will be perfect!

//Stef – Syysloma oli tosi hauskaa!


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