This week!

Has been great!

I know it’s not over yet, but still, I think it’s quite nice.

So on Monday we got our tests back. Guess who has 10’s in geography, English and Finnish! Yours truly, and I got an 8 in math, of which I’m very happy, cause I expected something really low. And it turns out that I get quite a lot of the things in class. Yay me! So, I was feeling quite proud of myself, I must say. And the truth is that I really am gonna need those grades, when I go back to Bulgaria, so I LOVE how good I’m doing, given the fact that I don’t understand anything of the language in class.

On Tuesday, Pena (the geography teacher) hired me to be the chief exchange student (lol) for the international week. Since I’m a part of the organizing committee, I get to do the posters and have meetings with the board of students and all and it sounds cool. And the exchange student thing is…basically I have to gather every exchange student (me, Marco, Emin and Yuhui) for a short presentation of our home countries. I have to make it, present it and organize them so that everyone gets a chance to talk about their country even if they don’t want to. And bossing around isn’t one of my main qualities, but I believe that if they want to work with me, it will turn out to be great!

On Wednesday, there was this koulukuvia thing happening and it was the best thing ever. I took a picture with my class (in which Nora and Iida are included, so… <3). I had to leave in the middle of my math lesson to do that, so I was happy. It ended 5 minutes before the end of the class, so I didn’t bother going back. 😀 BUT THEN! My friends asked me to take a picture with them (the 2 gangs) and I knew about the first one, Assu, Verkku, me,Kaisa,  Saara, Iisa, Nelli, Emma and Jorge, and I was quite happy to take a picture with them, cause they’re awesome and they’re the nicest friends ever, but what surprised me was that Noora and Jazz asked me to take a picture with their group as well. I don’t know if the guys of the group were aware of this or if they even approved (perhaps they were too polite to kick me out of their photo? :D), but I found this so nice. It really made me feel good. Like the people I like so much like me back. So in the second picture we were Rasse, me, Kaisa, Karen, Aleksi, Johanna, Jazz, Noora, Jamppa, Henkka and Joel. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. (note how me and Kaisa are on both photos, haha! Group links, ftw)

So, those two photos really made my day/week. I’m gonna get a copy of each one and put it in a frame, because I have finally found people, who are just like me. I’m finally happy with who I communicate with and with what I am. I cannot stress enough how much I like those people and how I would like to continue being their friend for as long as I’m alive and there are jokes that they haven’t told me. No, seriously, if you’re reading this and your name is somewhere in this post ==> you’re awesome and I want to be your friend.

And I’m actually glad that they know me, because to me, they’re the coolest people in school and I really appreciate their support with everything I do, regardless if it’s learning Finnish or thinking of a way to blow up a building, preferably a school.

Of course, there are other cool people in the school, too, the IB side is pretty bad ass, but let’s not get into details! 😀

And here’s a picture of Joel, trying on Karen’s glasses, trying to look hipster: 😀

Aaaand after school I went to Kinopalatsi in Helsinki and watched the 3 musketeers in 3 D.

Aaand I know the photo sucks, but the movie was nice. I mean, for the crappy story, they made a really cool movie based on it! And Logan Lerman is so, so, so cute. Even with long hair! 😀

And today I went to school sleepy as hell with 5 classes ahead of me, but I made it through and I was in a good mood, too! AND Nora, Joel and Jazz are now officially going to Rome next year (and who else) with the school for some program. Rome is awesome, so I bet they’re gonna have a great time and I’m ACTUALLY happy for them, which is weird, cause I’m usually never that happy for people, who aren’t me. 😀 Haha! Ah, good times! And you know what I found out today? Joel and Nora are 1-st cousins. SERIOUSLY? I’ve known them both for more than 2 months and I find out now? I mean, I knew that they were close and I thought they were in the same school or that they like each other or something, but “cousins” wasn’t even on my list with suggestions. 😀 OH WELL!!

And let’s see what tomorrow will bring…a nice day, I hope! And I’m getting down to business with those International week posters! I can do this! (with the help of Claudia :D)

//Stef – moikka!


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