The beginning of the new week!

So, despite of me having to get up at 6 am, the day was pretty much good. School was okay!

Perhaps, because I got to see the great people there, or perhaps, because I didn’t remember it was Monday and all the bad karma was somewhere watching movies with Samara. I got to go to a “ruokakauppa” for terveystieto class and I was so tired, when I came back for German, I have no idea why! And I was also extremely hyperactive during lunch, it was weird. And during History class, I had to go to Riika (my class teacher) and talk about some stuff and she told me that people here like me. The teachers have been giving good feedback and some students have been telling her that I’m awesome and that I’m full of energy and that I’m fun and I liked that so much, cause I like everyone back as well (well, almost everyone, but the people that I talk with make my day every day ❤ )

And after school I went for a little “photo” day with my sister Iiris and that’s the result:












And the evening is pretty nice, as well ❤

//Stef – I’m happy!




  1. How lovely pics! You’re looking so pretty and I love the colors! 🙂 btw I’ve been reading your blog since I first found out about it quite a few weeks ago, but I never realized you can actually write comments… hahah

  2. Stefani, I am going to murder you tomorrow! I was SUPPOSED to write my religion essay but NOOO! I find your blog and read the whole fucking thing straight away because it was awesome… I hate you and because tomorrow evening I’m the devil you’re going straight to hell…

    Loved it <3.

  3. :D:D:D:D U MAD???

    But thanks for screwing your essay for my blog, that’s kinda sweet ❤

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