Hello, everyone!

So Friday was a fantastic day!

It started at 6:40 am, when I woke up and felt like Bruno Mars in the “Lazy song” video. I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything. But after 20 minutes I had no choice, but to get the fuck up and go to school. And so I did. And I had english. I mean, I survived through it, 75 minutes of total boredom. But it was worth it, because I had a skip afterwards and then I was skipping german to go to Jamppa’s piano concert. I was waiting for this for the last 2 weeks. I was so excited to see him play, I knew he was going to be good. And of course, I was wrong. He wasn’t good, he was brilliant. Some of the things he did…he must have like 10 hands or something. I was really impressed. REALLY. How could I have met someone like that? And he’s an awesome person as well! WOW! Can you believe that this:

can turn into this:

And that’s him, being a bad ass!

As for the rest of the day, it was splendid! I went home, did my chores, got ready to go out and here’s the result:

I had to change 2 buses to go to Noora’s place (or not her place, but close to that), the journey took more than 45 minutes and everyone was starring at me and kids were making weird faces, when they saw me and it was fun, I think. So anyway, I got there and it was wicked. Everyone had their costumes on and they looked dashing!

The night went pretty quickly, considering how many hours we spent together. We played games, danced, talked, played truth or dare and whatnot. Let me start from somewhere.

We were supposed to bring food and drinks (everyone had to bring something) and we ended up with a SHIT LOAD of food, not even 1/3 of it was eaten. They didn’t even get to open my stuff, haha! There were brownies, cheesecake, chocolate cake, salad with nachos, fazer chocolates, pepsi, coke, Jaffa, water and more juices that I can’t even remember. Not getting to the part with the alcohol, we’re good students, so we don’t drink! 😛 No, really! I was the last one to arrive (for obvious transportation reasons, I even missed the bus stop ), but when I got there everyone started eating the nacho salad and some sweet stuff.


Then I don’t remember what happened, I have a gap, but it was pretty fun! The only thing I’m sorry for is that I sang all the time and annoyed the hell out of everyone (or at least I guess so  :D). It was a nice night. And there was a discussion whether or not I should be there, but I hope the guys enjoyed my company! 🙂

Then we played this game with the feet that you end with really weird poses and I was the first one to loose, cause Joel and Jazz were being bitches by touching only one of my feet, so I fell on the 13-th time. 😀 BUT THEY DIED TOO (even though it was 15 minutes later, it still counts).

And then we played the game with the card. Where you have to give the card to the person next to you, using only your mouth and if you fail, you have to kiss them. Poor Jazz. 😀 Seriously, there wasn’t a time, where she made it without kissing either Henkka or Joel. And I was so good! I kissed Henkka once, Noora once and Joel once, and we played for a really long time, so 3 small kisses is pretty good for me. 😀

Then if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, half of the people moved their asses to the kitchen to talk about secret stuff (I suppose, I can’t be sure) and I stayed in the main room with Joel’s phone, enjoying the awesome songs and wondering which one to play first. It was such lovely hesitation.

Then after some time, we started playing truth or dare and now everyone knows that I have a crush on someone from our school that’s in second grade, but that’s all! I want to tell them, cause I don’t want to keep it hidden for much longer, but I know I shouldn’t and I know that it will be awkward, when I do so. I’m still wondering what I should do and if I should do something at all or just let it go. I need advice! ;D

And then Jamppa’s parents decided that they’re gonna pick him up, so naturally they ended up with 3 extra people in their car (Jazz, Karen and me). And thanks to those guys, I didn’t walk 1 km from Iso Omena to my home, cause they were nice enough to drive me, for which I’m very grateful! Thanks, Jamppa’s parents!

And then the night ended and I was super tired and technically, it wasn’t yesterday, it was today, cause it was after 12, when we went home, so… 😀

Thanks to Noora, Rasse, Joel, Kaisa, Henkka, Karen, Jamppa, Johanna, Aleksi and Jazz for a really nice Halloween party! I had a great time, I hope you did, too! ^^

//Stef – and now Saturday is Saturday!


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