International show and Nenäpäivä!

Moi, ihmiset!

So, this is the story of my week.

The first three days were kinda boring with the only highlight being the friend talk at the end of the day, when we gather around and laugh our asses off. And yet, something was missing. Nothing too bad, it was still fun, but not everyone were present at the same time and yeah… But since Iida went to the Tenerife island, Nora was best friend-less and we spent a good amount of time together, which is cool, cause she’s a super nice girl and I like her very much! So much for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

And funny enough, this week was International Week, which means that we had an international show (during the fourth lesson on Thursday). I, as an exchange student, had to make a presentation about my home country. Of course, every exchange student had to do so, but Pena (the geography teacher and international week coordinator) gave me the honor of gathering everyone and make the presentation on my own. Meaning that Marco from Ecuador, Yuhui from China and Emin from Turkey had to send me a few slides of info about their country and a bit of text and I had to make it look like a legit presentation. I told them 2 weeks ago that they need to do that and the dead line was Sunday. Yuhui sent me her stuff at 7 pm and Marco at 23:34 via e-mail, which meant that I had to stay up and make the fucking presentation for an hour and a half. Not that I was going to go to bed otherwise, but I don’t think I HAD to do it at that time. As for Emin, he decided that he’s going to be lazy and not do anything and I decided that I couldn’t care less about his presentation, I’m not that ultra keen on Turkey anyway, so I just gave the presentation to Pena, like a boss.

I had done my part and Yuhui and Marco had done theirs. I was thinking how funny it would look, when they call Emin on the stage to talk about his country and he just sits there and wonders what to do. He wasn’t even at the rehearsal for the thing, or more like, he came, but didn’t stay to actually see the slides and figure out what he was going to do.

SO, Thursday came and with it, the international show. It was fun, there were acts, who were raising money for charity, comedy stuff (with Edward and Navid, who were actually funny, oh my god! :D) aaaaaand yeah. The presentation moment came maybe somewhere at the end of the show and I knew it was going to blow, cause the only ones, who were good in English were me and Marco, but it was actually fun! The presentation itself not so much, but the exchange students and their attempts at being cool were just hilarious. Yuhui was just struggling to read what was on the board and the 600 students were sitting there in silence waiting patiently for her to finish. But EMIN was hilarious. He saw some slides from Turkey, Pena had put them on just in case and it was very awkward for him. He just looked at the big screen and asked “What is this?” And the whole school started laughing. “This is not mine! Who did this?” and I just said to Marco “Here we go, grab the popcorn!”. Every slide was “the most important thing” according to Emin and on one of the slides there was this text “I’m lazy and I didn’t send my presentation” and I thought Pena was awesome for putting it there, haha! We spent 5 minutes listening to what Emin has to say about the difference between kebab and duner. But I laughed. And my presentation was nothing special, I guess….just normal stuff about Bulgaria, I don’t think it was that interesting. And then the hosts of the show came to us and asked us “What’s the strangest thing you’ve experienced since coming to Finland?” and Yuhui took the mike..held it for a while and gave it to Marco and he said “the awful weather”, little does he know that this is actually the best weather Finland has had for years! 😀 I said that it’s weird that you wave at the bus and Emin just said “potatoes”. The next question was “Can you speak any Finnish?” and Yuhui was like “Kitoooooos, kylaaa” with the most Chinese accent possible and Marco was like “I don’t know any Finish! I know just some words, but you don’t want me to say them.” and the whole school was cheering  “What, you want me to say them?” and they really did! “Okay, well, first of all, vittu, then continuing with paska, perkele, huora, saatana and…” and one of the host girls took the mike and was like “Okaaaaaaaay, what about you, Stefani?” and everyone were laughing so much and I was just laughing my ass off and I said “Marco, I’m so proud of you!” and then I said “En voi puhu suomea hyvin, mut ymmärrän aika paljon, kun ihmiset puhuvat!” and Emin said something like “huono ilma”… and yeah, that was it basically!

Then the show was over and I went to History class, where I played “hang man” and “connect the dots” with Rasse. It was weird that the first word he came up with was syphilis and even weirder that I guessed it! 😀

And by the way, we all had to dress up like a movie character, so here’s the extremely good looking straight guy from the movie “Something” and the pedestrian from Transformers:

And this is part of my math class:

 This one is, as Joel said, photoshop opportunity at it’s finest! 😀

And that’s Noora, she just likes to be international (and by that we mean german :D)

Aaaand Friday was Nenäpäivä or the so called nose day! Everyone should have a red nose and it’s a day, in which you raise money for charity. Teachers and students do dares for money, so we get more and more money for charity. We had cookies for sale, painting your nose red for 20 cents, and even the Principal promissed to shave his mustache if we get over 200 euros. This is a big deal, alright, since rehtori has ALWAYS had his mustache, okay? It’s his thing, it’s his personality. And we were so mean that we made over 1073,20€ and here’s the video of his mustache going away:

And by the way, speaking of nenäpäivä, here are some pictures I did yesterday:

And this one is not mine, but I still think it’s cool. It’s Markus and Olli and Pena (the geography teacher) in the Tapiolan keskus, singing and playing their instruments! ❤ Raising money like bosses. 😀

And today I woke up at 12:20 and had a nice day, went bowling and attended an ice hockey game and all that jazz…it was fun, pictures tomorrow (probably)!



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