Today has been kinda good.

Hey, kids!

Contrary to my expectations, this day was good.

Even though I had classes until 4, even though I had to get up early, even though I had no reason to have a good day. I woke up in the morning and I said to myself “Today is gonna be fucking good.” I got up on time, caught my bus and listened to cheery music on my way to school. Even though I had health education first, we had this student council voting thing, so we didn’t have a class. Me and Emma were playing angry birds for most of the time and I felt like the bird master, when I managed to kill all the monkeys in this bloody difficult level!!! Ahh, the satisfaction!

Then we had lunch and I ate and we were talking about something random, I don’t really remember what, but it lead to Joel showing me THIS video:

And he was asking me if she was Bulgarian. I sure as hell hope not. 😀 But yeah, that was on our Music Idol, for real. And every self-respecting Bulgarian knows the lyrics to that piece of art. I mean, come on, it’s hilarious. So what if we don’t know English, at least we’re trying!!! 😀

Anyway, after math class (which was partly fun, by the way), I got downstairs for no apparent reason and I heard Eduard screaming behind my back “I smell a Nazi!” and it’s a long story why we call ourselves “nazi”, actually I don’t know why he calls me that, but he’s half nazi, so I’m more correct than he is. Anyway, I turned around, pointed a finger at him and said “I refuse!” and he asked “to what?” and I just started laughing hysterically. Quite sad, really. I was laughing my lungs out and there was no reason. Then he was laughing as well and he managed to ask “What have you been smoking? It’s okay, you’re surrounded by people, who love you. We’re not gonna hurt you.” and by that point I was sitting on the floor, gasping for air and at that exact moment Marco (the Ecuadorian exchange student) was passing me by and I said “I refuse” once again, I tried to finish my sentence, but he did it for me “TO WHAT?” and I was laughing again and then Artem was passing and he asked if someone had stuck up a stick up my ass and why am I laughing so hard and it was even funnier. So I laughed. And laughed. And laughed….And laughed. And then I decided that I HAVE to breathe, so I went further away and went upstairs with my face all red and my stomach hurting and all that shit. Damn!

The most important thing that happened today, though: I didn’t give a fuck. About him or her or them, or anyone. I was just with FRIENDS and I had no problem with going up to my crush and just be friendly. The feeling is awesome, I shall never like boys again. Ever.

But yeah, that’s why my day was pretty good. 🙂

[12:00:30 AM] Яни: дръж се
[12:00:31 AM] Яни: силна си

(the message is from my bulgarian best friend and it just keeps me going. “Hold on. You’re strong.”)

//Stef – yeah, I can do it!

P.S – there you go! A nice song for a perfect ending of a nice day! 🙂


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