Or Father’s Day in English.

The time to honor my super awesome host dad – Hannu!

Despite of this very special day, both me and Iiris woke up at 12 pm and we would’ve slept even more if Maarit hadn’t knocked on our doors. Mut ei se mitään, we got up and started making…breakfast…but since it was already time for lunch, we made a brunch. And it was quite lovely, see for yourselves:

It didn’t take us that long and Hannu loved it. We also made him a cake the day before, but sorry, I don’t have a picture of it. But it has chocolate, creme, strawberries, crushed chocolate chip cookies, caramel and all kinds of highly caloric sweet stuff that can make you fat just by looking at them.

Then we gave our dad his presents: two cards, ljutenica from me (that thing that all bulgarians love and hence, he’s gonna love too) and two books, one for fast food and one that’s something for the best father in the world, from Iiris. Awesome!

Then we went on a walk, respecting the family tradition, and we had a good time just walking and laughing and taking pictures. And here’s the result:

That’s cause my sister’s name is Iiris, in case you’re wondering 😀
I should say that this is very weird. Nuutti is being a teenager now and he likes girls and you should have seen him chasing them all over the doggy park thing. And Maarit (my host mom) was like “Nuutti likes to fuck” and I was laughing and then Iiris just said “And the bitch is fucked up.”. LOL, cause it’s true. 😀 It was definitely funny AND awkward, cause all the other dog owners were looking like:
And yeah…pretty much that was it. Now Laura and Saara (my two older host sisters) are coming over for a nice dinner and it’s gonna be fucking cool!
//Stef – awyeah!

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