I can’t always come up with a good title, okay?

So yeah.

Blogging yet again, unfortunately for you…well, probably.

Monday and Tuesday were cool. I mean, there’s always more to be desired from those two particular days, but they were quite okay, considering how much worse they could have gotten. On Monday morning I was looking at the week ahead of me, and I wanted to point a gun to my head and press the trigger. So, so, so boring. Nothing interesting, really. For some reason, I’ve always found myself something to look forward to, but now I just have to survive through (now) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And then probably nothing. I’m scared for the upcoming exams, even though I shouldn’t, cause it’s not such a big deal after all, but I can’t help it, but feel stressed. I should study more with Noora and start to actually do something, which might lead to my academical progress.

But it’s just so boring. I don’t want to. How would I? There are so many movies to be watched, and someone’s always on Facebook, than those funny stuff on tumblr and damnlol, I can go out with friends, go to the cinema, bake cakes, attend parties and sleep more. All of those things are higher on my “priority” list than studying. So this test week is probably going to be a fail…

And next period is just wrong on so many levels. I have to get up at 6 every single day and I end at 4 every day, except for Friday. How awesome. No, this is seriously just so cool, I have no words to express my happiness. Perhaps a baseball bat and a punching bag would help. And I’m taking English, Finnish, Biology, long Math, some shitty art class and dancing lessons. I have no comments on the actual homework requiring subjects, but Art? Seriously, it would have been fun if I was any good at expressing myself and drawing, which is all this course is about. But if I don’t take it, I’d have a huge gap between some lessons and just no. I won’t have an exam in this course, so whoopty-fucking-doo, at least I won’t have to worry about that. But still, I a feeling that I’m really gonna hate this course. I can’t paint. Obviously (to me).

As for the dancing, it’s for the vanhojat tanssit, which will take part in February and I’m wondering if I should even take this course. I don’t have a partner and I will probably not dance. And if it’s going to be awkward for the most part, then I’m most likely to quit. Cause I’m going to dance with different guys every time, which is perfectly fine with me, but I don’t know if the teacher would have anything in mind. Also, I think the course would be fun, cause we’re gonna be like 120 people in the hall, just laughing our asses off at each other. And yeah, it should be loads of fun experience and I might even get to learn something (like how to dance, for example). But I’m still somehow not sure about this one…we’ll see how it goes.

But yeah, anyway, Monday and Tuesday were okay. At lunch, on the first day, I noticed that I have this Sing Star microphone in my bag for no apparent reason, I don’t even know how it got there. I asked if anyone can guess what I have in my bag and Jamppa was the closest, saying “a vibrator?”. Much to their surprise, I did pull it out and the reaction was outstanding (like every time). Anyway, after some minutes of wandering around and fathoming over the microphone in question, we made this video:

It doesn’t really have a reason or any special meaning…well, it used to, but seeing how everything went, I best leave this a secret.

Aaand today was pretty much ordinary. I was supposed to stay after school with Joel, to study history, but I didn’t, cause he didn’t (I don’t know why) and basically I did nothing, but go to school and come home. I was also supposed to go to R-kioski and get some more time on my bus card, but screw the rules, I forgot everything today. And funny enough, I was laughing all morning at the memory of Gergana falling on her face after that L.A Guns concert last year. In fact, I found it so funny that I had to call her and say it to her, just so people don’t think I’m crazy by laughing on my own. But, I mean, no one else is capable of breaking their nose by falling, while walking on a perfectly good road… and I know I was an awful friend, I was laughing for minutes after she had fallen and she didn’t move and I didn’t even think there might be something wrong with her, I was gasping for air, cause it really was hilarious, how CLUMSY (mega mild version of the word that represents her) she is. And I was almost crying from laughter and I went there and picked her up with my last strength, cause my stomach was hurting already and I saw her face covered with blood, almost unrecognizable and she was just standing there, blood pouring from her nose into her mouth, but it was wide open and she was laughing hysterically, too. God, I love this girl, honestly! Anyway, yeah.

That was what happened these last two days and here’s some pictures of me, cause why not, it’s my blog, bitches. And I’m awesome anyway. There you go:

And my personal favorite, I called it “I’m special in so many ways!”

And yeah…bye.



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