Personal space.

Finns have a lot of it.

And I knew about it before, but I never really noticed it until few days ago.

First of all, I know how much it blows to have someone breathing your air and make you uncomfortable by being too close to you. I had the worse experience in Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital) with this guy. It was 30 something degrees celly outside and he was so bloody warm and my head was hurting and I could FEEL his warmth making me sick and no matter how many times I told him to keep his distance, he would always end up hugging me like there’s no tomorrow and I was very close to exploding with rage and insults.

Ok, so now that we know how much I feel your pain, Finns, we can continue. Your personal space circle is huge as fuck. Seriously. My mom is kinda like that, but I’m her kid, all I ever got was nasty looks and hissing. And even though I value your privacy and stuff, I wonder how you’ve managed to stay alive for such a long time. I haven’t had any personal space issues a lot, but when I do it’s awkward. And you don’t need to say it twice, I KNOW how bad it feels, so I back off immediately, but seriously, sometimes you’re ridiculous. Like, why would you go one step backwards, when I’m coming towards you with the clear intention of whispering something in your ear. How am I supposed to whisper without anyone else hearing? It has it’s positive sides too, though. On the bus I never have a person next to me, unless it’s really crowded and on the bus stop there are like 10 people with 2 meters distance between each of them, it’s funny! 😀 But I don’t mind not being bothered, I like it. But yeah, I do feel uncomfortable, when I break some kind of a boundary without realizing it and then the person next to me just looks at me in shock. 😀 Take it easy and say it calmly, I’m sure we can work things out. 😀 As for me…I do have my bubble, but it’s way, way, WAY smaller and it’s sometimes none existent for friends, cause I know people, who could breathe in my face and I wouldn’t notice it unless, of course, their breath stinks. 😀 Ew.

As for other things that are present in my life during these fine days – I had my German exam today. Cause….it’s test week and we gotta have tests. It was weird…mainly because there wasn’t a single drop of English in there, which proved to be rather inconvenient for me, especially during the times, when I didn’t know both the german and the finnish words. 😀 But I’ll pass…I did like…80% of the whole thing, I understood quite a lot from the Finnish side as well, so no worries! Even though it won’t be a 10, I’m sure it won’t be a 4 either. Let’s see!

Tomorrow I have health education test and we’ll see what will happen there, cause I don’t know anything. Which is not true, of course, cause I have a good common knowledge of things and I can say SOMETHING on everything they ask me, so I’ll pass that one, too, but it’s just weird that I spent 18 times in class (75 minutes per lesson) and it’s basically useless, cause all I remember was  watching Rammstein’s “Pussy” video and some other porn on the screen wall of the classroom. Lovely!

And then Friday is free, but I think I’m gonna go to school anyway (if I wake up on time), cause I don’t have a lot of stuff to do at home, except for watching movies, eating, reading and internet. Which is not that little, but I feel like I should be progressive and do something like take the dog on a long walk or clean the house or go outside and breathe fresh air…it all seems too complicated. And I don’t want to be alone, so what’s a girl to do in a situation like this? 😀

Anyway, I’m gonna go sleep now, cause I need to. I go to bed too late and wake up too early. Naps are a life savior!

//Stef – Adios bitchachos


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