Soundtrack of my live vol.2

Hey, everyone!

So, I was thinking a few days ago that I should do the second part, since almost a year has passed already. And then I saw my previous “Soundtrack” post was made on June 13 2010, which is more than a year ago, so this post is a NECESSITY!!!!

Continuing with the tradition of picking out my favorite songs from each year (they don’t have to be current or trending…or my style of music in general) and whichever one stays the most is my all time favorite. Let’s see:

Tesla – Forever More

I’ve known this song since forever, I think, and I’ve always liked it, cause it gives me this confidence and energy boost. Connected to my life in a way, because I had to stand for my rights this year and I listened to this non-stop for a month and a half. If I hadn’t done what I had to do, I would still be in Bulgaria. I’m proud of myself for finally having a voice and doing things the way they should be done! 🙂 And I’m growing up…and I like this song…so screw you.

Poets of the Fall – Sleep

Because this was my spring. All day every day. Nothing interesting. All I ever wanted to do is sleep and think about all the awesome stuff I would do in Finland. Gergana was being a bitch all spring long, so I didn’t have any friends in this huge city of Varna, where everyone else seemed to have so much fun. Then I met Rado, who happens to be a major PoF freak and it was cool talking to him every night on skype and hanging out at school…he made my days, really. And everything else was awful. The teachers, classmates, weather, movies, grades… Why couldn’t have I just crawled up a hole and skip those 4 months?

Nickelback – Next go Round

Well…all of a sudden I was in this WONDERFUL mood and I remember this Joel guy  posting this on his wall like…during the summer and I thought it was awesome and I kept on listening to it for days and days and days….and then school ended on June 31-st and I started working with Gergana and there was this REALLY hot (and twice as stupid) security guy, so me and her were blasting this out to him every single day and then I remember Nasko, who was working with us and the only reason why I wanted to get up at 6 am on a summer holiday to WORK was because Nasko would be there and we would make fun of Gergana crushing on the security guy so bad. We also listened to a lot of chalga during that one month, which is not something I’m extremely proud of, but it was mega fun and we were laughing a lot and it was bloody hot outside and I will remember my last days in Bulgaria with the hot burning sun, the hot security guy, Nasko and THAT song to go with it all.

One Republic – Marching on

I vividly remember everything from this phase. It started from the airport in Bucharest and me having a huge fight with my mom, 1 hour before my flight to Helsinki. Of course none of us wanted to leave the other one like that, when we’re not gonna see each other for a year, so with A LOT of effort (cause it was pretty big), we worked it out and when I had already told her goodbye and I was alone on my way to the plane, this song started on my ipod. And I thought it was just perfect. This moment will forever remain in my memory as one of the best I’ve had. The plane symbolized everything I’ve ever wanted and I was marching on towards it…and when I was in it, I couldn’t quite come in terms with the fact that in less that 3 hours, I’ll be in Finland. I was hysterical and so happy. I couldn’t stay still on my seat and the smile on my face could make Ronald McDonald look sad, you just couldn’t bother me with anything. And this song…..was all I felt back then. I love it.

Florence + the Machine – Cosmic love

I don’t have a song for the orientation camp in Anjalankoski, unfortunately, even though it was a great experience, but this song is more about school. This Hungarian friend of mine sent it to me just as it was starting and I started to listen to it (again) every day, cause I like it so much. I don’t think the lyrics have anything to do with what was actually happening, but it still brings out memories of sunny days and me walking home and smiling. It wasn’t all good, I was often alone in school, the first school day was just horrible, but after Tutor Ilta everything went downhill (as in, it got better.) and I felt good. That night was so fun and that’s where I met my friends (or at least most of them). And it was the beginning of something new for me… 🙂

Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine – Stereo Hearts

Even though this is relatively new, I put it a bit back, maybe from September onward. This was when I fell for my crush. 😀 I thought it was so cool…finally someone who’s nice enough. And it was all very playful, I did not mean it to get serious or anything and only 1 or 2 of my friends can say how successful I was at “taking care” of things! 😀 Maybe not that good. I was going to tell him, cause I didn’t care much about what was gonna happen, cause worst case scenario, he wasn’t gonna like me back and so what. But then things happened and I thought that it’s best to keep it to myself and good that I did so. 😀 But yeah… that was my mood for the most time… happy all the time, cause I could always be around him if I wanted to (cause we’re in the same school and stuff) and not too serious about anything really… ;D

John Legend – Everybody knows

I’m not really sure what happened there and why it happened, but the lyrics are exactly what I felt. Which is not that bad…I think. But in any case, the song is amazing and I like it and I was listening to it. I mean…I have those teenage periods as well, where I think nobody understands me and they think of me as something I’m not and stuff are going down and yeah…nothing special, just your average “No one likes me, they all pretend”  phase…

Simon & Garfunkel – The boxer

Cause this is just so relaxed…and I decided that I’m going to relax. And now I’m relaxed. Keep on chillin’. There aren’t many things that you can be relaxed about, but however many they are, I’m not gonna bother. 😛 I’m gonna be like the boxer. Just…be. And I want to just state here, for no reason, that I am a girl and I like girly stuff as well. Because I’m a girl. Thank you.

//Stef – well…yeah.


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