Why am I here again?

November has been a bitch, when it comes to posting in my blog. Too…many…posts. I don’t have a justification.

Yesterday was boring…today…was/is also kind of boring. I swear, I was going to go to school. I had that intention. I should have. But I woke up at 10:30 and I thought that there’s no use of me going there, cause everyone is probably out by now and it would take me at least an hour to get there, so I just turned around and continued with my sleeping. It wasn’t even fun, Joonatan kept coming in my room turning the lights on and off…and when I actually managed to sleep, I had nightmares.

And then I talked with my biological mom, haven’t talked to her in like a month…and I have to figure out what I want her to send me for Christmas…crosswords, for sure! I miss doing something in classes, even though it wouldn’t be the same, when I can’t ask the person next to me if he knows the word, cause obviously he doesn’t, but it would still be a good way to pass the time and I miss it! Ljutenica, also, of course…that’s my middle name (no it’s not). I love that food and everyone here have to try it. Cause it’s awesome and all that… But I don’t know what else… and I really have to think about it, cause it takes forever for the packages to come, so she has to buy the stuff earlier and send them to me.

And then Joonatan (again) decided that he’s gonna play in my room with q-tips. And he also thought it would be hysterical to try and shove one in my ear. Lets just say that he put it too far down and I screamed and ran around in circles holding my ear and crying like a baby, while simultaneously swearing like a fisherman. It was agony. Of the worst kind. I think he did something to my ear drum, cause it still hurts and it’s been 5 hours or so. And Aleksanteri was yelling from upstairs “MITÄ TAPAHTUI?!” and all I could think of were more and more swear words to describe the pain I’m in. And Joonatan was so scared, he was next to me like “Are you okay, oh my god, what happened, it was an accident” and I was already 20 meters away from the place, where he did this crime to my body and you could see tears falling from my closed eyes as I was trying to concentrate on how much it doesn’t hurt. “GO AWAY, BEFORE I KILL YOU”, that was the nicest thing I said to Joontu in that moment and I was thinking “Shit, how am I gonna go to the hospital now, this better be nothing”. And I hope it is, cause I really don’t want to go to the doctor. It should be fine by tomorrow.

But see, if I went to school at 10:30 as I was implying to, none of this would have happened, simply because I wouldn’t have been present in that very moment and I would have been fine, probably wandering around with someone in Tapiola or some other place, I don’t know. Still better than this… 😀

For once in your life, Stefani, would you listen to yourself and go to school despite what everyone else says? So what if they think you’re a nerd.  You know you’re the smartest girl around, so what? Haha. Personal reference is now over.

But yeah…and tomorrow I’m going to Turku for the second kielikylpy (language bath or something). The first one was in Helsinki, if you remember my blog post about it…and now it’s Turku’s turn. And I’ll catch up with you guys later.

//Stef – bye


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