Turku…and some other stuff.


So yeah, I went to Turku as promised and I don’t really want to talk about it that much, even though it was fun and all that, I just don’t feel like concentrating on the story that much.

Here are some pictures, cause I knew that this was inevitable and I will not want to write about it, at least you’ll get a taste of what it was like:









So that was Turku. It was nice, we should do it again sometime. And that was my weekend and yeah…

Then today I had history exam. I was nervous about it, went to bed at 3 am, cause f you, that’s why and I couldn’t sleep all that well. The exam went…good enough, I would say. We’ll see, when they return the papers.

After school I studied Math with Noora, all the more reason to have a crappy day, cause I don’t understand anything. I hope I pass. And I don’t know what else is up with me…not much.

//Stef – k, bye.


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