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  Today has been a really good day…and it’s not yet over, of course, but…it just is. Gonna leave this right here… 😀 Today I will: go to bed earlier watch that one movie I’ve been meaning to watch finally go to the neighbors to hang for a while possibly take pictures of stuff…cause I […]

I just realized…

I’m full of so much crap! This might be boring for some of you… I talked about friends with a person today and I said so much bullshit. I mean, I do believe in what I said, but it is so wrong in a way… I don’t have that radical beliefs. And I do have […]

And by the way..

Check this out: Family photos of my family’s Christmas in Egypt! ❤ They had a great time!                 //Stef – AAAAAHFKJGHKJHFGHJTGJ, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

What has it been and where is it going?!

Or in other words, New Year resolutions and a sum up of my year 2011. Here we go: The year 2011 began with a party (oh, what a surprise?!). Even though I was with Tsvetelina (the closest I will ever get to having a sister, she’s known me since I was in diapers) and I’m […]

Last days of December!

No niin. I’m gonna do a post about the last days of December. Not only now, but in general. So…December is an okay month, I guess…with Christmas and New Year’s, everything is better. Except, I hate shopping for presents, cause I never know what to buy and I always forget someone. Sad truth. What rocks, […]

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey, everyone! Hyvää Joulua! Merry Christmas! Весела Коледа! I’m here in Kirkkonummi with my support person, Salla, and I’m in the greatest mood ever. My family is currently in Egypt, so I couldn’t spend Christmas with them, but it wasn’t all bad. I got a shitload of presents and food and whatnot. We went to […]


Hey, again! So yesterday was so, so, so awesome… I went to bed at freaking 4 am the previous night, but I still managed to go to school at 8 am. And I wasn’t even tired. But that doesn’t matter. The day was awesome. I had English with Leksi and of course, with him we […]