Maroon 5

Hey, guys! 🙂

So, I saw Maroon 5 live…and let me tell you something about this experience:

First of all, I was having a really, really, really crappy day, everything was going bad and I didn’t like anything. Even though I had English exam, it was still shitty, cause I finished 20 minutes before it was allowed to go and even then, when I went outside, everyone were still doing their tests, so I was basically just hanging around, minding my own business…

I could have gone home and made something progressive, but no, I stayed. Cause I wanted to see my friends…which I did do after all. Well, except for Noora, but she had math, so it was understandable that I didn’t get to see her. Eventually, people started going home, Jamppa and Rasse were two of the last ones to do so and Henkka, Jazz, Joel and Johanna decided that they’re gonna go to Helsinki and watch Tintti together. Cool. They walked with me half way to Tapiola, cause their bus stop was located there and yeah…

As soon as I was alone, my mood went down. Not that it was particularly high that day, even in the morning, but it really got bad. I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be left alone, cause there’s too much stuff going in my head and I need to be occupied with something, to avoid self-conflicts. And, note that, I should especially have someone with me, when I have an ipod. Cause I have all kinds of shit there, one sad song and I’m over.

Anyway, as my shitty day continued at home as well, I watched some biography videos and decided that I want to do that, too. I still think it’s a nice idea, but a bit different, perhaps… However, after 2 hours of fathoming over how do I make things happen, I remembered that I’m going to a concert that very same night. “Remember” is actually the exact verb, cause I didn’t know when it was and I thought I still had like a month or two before 30-th of November. Ah, how fast the time flies. Not gonna bore you with the details of how I got ready, here are some pictures of the concert:

The warm up act made me want to sleep and never wake up again, it was horrible. Almost 40 minutes of the same shit over and over again…BUT WHEN MAROON 5 CAME OUT, SHIT GOT REAL!!!

They know how to rock…they really do! I don’t like their music that much, as in, I’m not their biggest fan, but I must admit, the gig was awesome!

And yeah…then today was kinda cool, except that I’m totally sleep deprived and I wish I could get some rest, but I know I won’t… 😦 But you kids have fun!

//Stef – Maroon 5 were awesome!


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