Technically it’s tomorrow, but we celebrated it today in school.

Cause we ain’t got no school tomorrow. Whooo *Henkka’s recorded voice should be inserted here*

Anyway, for the non-Finnish speakers, who read this shit, it’s basically Independence day for Finland. And it’s pretty awesome. You go to school dressed fancy, you don’t have lessons and the choir is singing the national anthem and “Finlandia”…and there’s chocolate doughnuts.

I wasn’t very keen on going to this “party”, since first of all, I hated the way my dress looked on me (still do) and I was embarrassed walking around in it. Second of all, I know how things like this go with me. I get to the place, hear the music, see everyone else have a good time and I immediately get down for some reason.

So it happened. I know myself too well. I was there, trying to be as dull as possible, avoiding people I know, so that they don’t see me in this dress. It didn’t work. Everyone else were sexy as fuck and I was just derping around the premises. When the dances started, I felt the sudden urge to go backwards in the crowd, because of the fear that someone might ask me to dance. Thank god, it didn’t happen. I wanted to dance, actually, but I was too awkward to do it and if someone had asked me, I would have said yes, but I thought it’s too risky. When I went to put my glass on the table, I saw Henkka and he was all like “Heeeeeey, Stefani, what’s up?” and I panicked, cause I thought that if I stay a second longer he’ll feel obligated to ask me to dance, so I said “Not much” in a hurry and took the next exit to the chairs…where I played “snake” on my phone…for 30 minutes…I know, I know.

But here’s a picture of the principle and Kaisa dancing:

Anyway, in some time Astrid came to see what I’m doing and she was all like “Are you having fun?”. Do I look like I’m having fun? I’m playing “snake” for Christ’s Sake! “Plenty of fun!”, I said and she immediately caught the sarcasm wave that was flowing from my look. 😀

Theeeeen we had lunch and Joel and Henkka insisted that I make the Barney Stinson picture of them, so here it is:

It’s not like they didn’t suit up!

Then I have a bit of a blur, but I believe I had 40 free minutes, in which I was talking to Jamppa, Rasse and Jazz…and believe it or not, Yuhui (Chinese exchange student) as well.

Afterwards, we had to listen to these speeches and some songs from the choir (quite good, actually) and sing the national anthem and what else? I’m not entirely sure, since I didn’t pay much attention the the whole ceremony thing, since I had other things on my mind and I was just sitting and noticing from time to time Henkka starring at either mine or Jazz’s boobs. And juuuuuuust before (seconds) we stood up to sing the national anthem, this photo was made:

HENKKA?!?!?!?! DA FUQ IS DIS??? I personally find it quite amusing. Joel is there, trying to look good for the picture and Mr. Hakala  is just derping like a boss. Yep. That’s how he rolls. 😀

Then the whole thing ended and we could stay talking to each other until whenever we wanted to, which was not long, but I managed to snap this shot of Nelli:

And this one of the guys:

I like this one quite a lot, it’s definitely going to my scrap book! Good times, good times.

Here’s how I looked (with the fabric not being this wrinkle-ish, of course). Formality is not my thing.

After maybe 15 minutes of wandering around (and me putting my jacket on as soon as possible, so I can hide the dress 😀 ), something out of my understanding happened and everyone went somewhere and I decided that I’m gonna HURRY to Tapiola, so that I can catch the earlier bus home. I met Astrid on the way and she was like “wait for meee” and I said “Bitch, I ain’t got no time, gotta run!”, which was weird, cause I didn’t HAVE to run, but I was in heels and my mind wasn’t clear.

I saw Jamppa, Noora, Rasse and Joel in the distance, so I tried to catch up on them and say goodbye, but when I realized it’s impossible, I just screamed “Pidä hauskaa” and Jamppa made this weird hand gesture and they stopped and waited for me and Jan-Paul just said “Tule Joelille!” and it all happened very fast, I just tagged along with them, Noora was screaming “Please don’t leave me alone with the guys, please, please!” and we were already half way to Joel’s house, when I remembered to ask the host himself if it’s okay to come. I just assumed that it is, since everyone stopped and waited, but you never know when they’re just being polite. So apparently, it was okay for me to go after all and so I went.

We watched “Scott Pilgrim vs. the world”, pretty fresh movie with a lot of nintendo influence. I’ve seen it like 2 years ago or so, I like it. A bit trivial concept, but Michael Cera wins my heart always. He’s awesome. And here’s 2 pictures from the movie hours:

By the way, while we were watching, I decided to move my elbow, so I could change my position and I didn’t see Jamppa’s pepsi cup, so I got the drink all over his shirt. Causing the reaction of “You really ARE clumsy.” Because last week I was at Rasse’s place and I spilled my whole glass of water over the table, while trying to pass someone the salad.

I must say that I’m quite handy and these incidents have all been unfortunate twist of events, since it hasn’t happened so frequently before. The more I try to be normal, the more difficult it gets to actually BE. And this is actually embarrassing. 😀 Cause I’m not usually like that.  As if someone believes me now, haha. But who drinks Pepsi on the couch in a cup close to another person anywaaaay? It’s not ENTIRELY my fault! Only 99% of it. 😀

After Joel’s nice hosting, me and Jamppa walked to the bus stop and caught bus number 106, cause we were too fucking lazy to go to the center of Tapiola on foot. And then he got in my bus with me, so we could talk some more and he got off at the last possible stop for him (so he could catch his actual bus, ahaha). And one interesting thing that happened – it started snowing, when we were in the bus.

We both noticed how beautiful it is. Congratulations on the first snow! (as watery as it is)

And that was my day, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow comes the real Independence day and I’m probably gonna watch this huge presidential thing at the linna (on tv, ofc). But you kids have a nice time!

//Stef – The day was 50/50. Both really bad and really good.


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