Human piñata

Moi, kaikkille!

Have you ever thought about suicide in the cool way? Like…obviously it’s not something that a normal person would do to themselves, but if you would do it, how would it be done?

For example, Gergana once told me that she would go into a bathtub full with salt dissolved into the water and she would slice her wrists vertically in the water. That way the blood would pour out her hands more quickly and she would die faster. As for the salt, it apparently numbs your pain or some shit. Now ain’t that an EMO way to die?

This other girl also told me one time that she would dive into a pool of dissolving acid. Stupid. There’s no guarantee that the acid will actually penetrate your tissues so far down and severely that it would kill you. But what it will do is ruin your skin and hurt like a bitch. Duh!

I was talking with Jorge today and we both got to the conclusion that if we would kill ourselves, it would be with style. Cause we’re just that cool. So here’s the plan. You eat a shit load of candy (preferably with the wrappers), but I mean…stuff yourself, feel the force in your throat. When you’re half way done, devour a bomb. Finish. Wait. Viscera and candy everywhere and for everyone. If someone is not darkened by what just happened, they can even have a bite. Yay!

But yeah…no one is killing themselves…it was just an interesting lunch topic. And if I can eat after making a biology presentation on “skin diseases”, I have a pretty well trained stomach.

It snowed again today…it was nice, I guess. And my school day ends at 14:30. Why is life so hard. It’s not THAT late, but I’m one of the only ones staying until then in school and my last lesson is Math. Ah, the joy of seeing everyone else leaving the premises, when I know what’s waiting for me…good thing that Kaisa, Rasse and Johanna are with me, too. All I did was my English homework and yeah…copied some stuff from the board, I don’t have the slightest idea what it is about, but oh well!

Had a crappy mood all day long (yesterday as well, but at least Jamppa managed to cheer me up with 3 cups of free hot cocoa), dunno why. Not because of the darkness for sure, but…nothing interesting is happening, or should I say too much underground stuff that people think I don’t know about. Frustrating. I’m not this stupid, I thought people already knew.

Aaaaaanyway, there’s no point in not having fun, because of someone else, so I shall attend a party now. Cause why the hell not. I’m going to Tampere tomorrow and to the school’s Christmas concert on Sunday. Lovely.

And he’s a picture of me…cause I’m awesome and frankly this post would be boring as hell if I don’t post a picture.

//Stef – 🙂


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