Back to the roots.

Hey again!

Shame…shame, shame, shame on me.

You know how I demolish all chalga music and I think all those naked singers should be thrown into a pit of crocodiles and the world should never hear their “music” again…?

THERE’S SOMETHING IN ME!!! I swear, I did not want to do it. I tried to resist the pressure. I couldn’t. I wished to listen the most “кръчмарски чалгарии” ever to have roamed the Earth. Or in english, that would be translated as the best/worst part of the chalga music (depends on how late in the night it is). If it’s before 2 am, it’s definitely too early for this shit.

It brings so many memories. I remember last year’s Christmas camp and we had these huge parties every night, where everyone would get drunk as fuck and dance their heart out. So, on my names day (27-th of December) it was like 23.00 only and one of the dudes responsible for the music played this song:

Generally, this song is considered as extremely sad and is also one of the oldest good chalga songs (probably made around 1990 or even earlier). My point is that there was no reason to play this at 23.00 on a youth party…naturally, ME being in places, where I don’t belong, I was in a bad mood and all I needed was this fucking song. The lyrics got to me, so I just tilted my head on the table and tried to look like I’m having fun. The truth was that I was actually holding my tears back and all of a sudden, just in the perfect moment, Ivana comes to me and asks “How is your holiday going?” and I wanted to say “Great, I’m having fun!”, but instead my eyes started to water more than usual and I found it difficult to talk and breathe at the same time. She, Rumen and Victor were the reason why I felt this way, but of course, I wouldn’t tell her that, so I just pushed her out of the way and ran to my room…Haven’t cried like that since then. It felt good in a way that it really came from the inside in the most physical way and my chest was jumping up and down for a good 30 minutes. Eventually, Ivana came into my room to see what’s wrong and she was laughing the whole time, which I did not appreciate, but she’s awkward in situations like this, so… she didn’t really understand what was wrong and it wasn’t her job to do so. I had come to this camp for a week, so I could be with her, Rumen, Victor (possibly even Encho)…and all I got was a “fuck you, you’re staying with the retards!” and that’s when I realized that those people were nothing more than assholes and I kinda stopped worrying about them. Became more numb. Even though I will always have a weak spot for them, I don’t give up on friends easily, the pain that it causes me to think that I’ve been used by people that I found worthy of my attention, is not worth the trouble. I went back to the disco thing and that song was on replay (how fucking dumb) and just as I walked in, Joan grabbed the microphone and shouted something along the lines of “Fuckers, are you here to have a good time or a cry fest? Why do you play this drunken song, it’s not 4 in the morning yet, get moving or get lost”. So I danced.



“Is there any vodka with condolence in your menu?
Give it to me double, put it on his account
I spent everything even though I knew the price…
Not even the sadness was free!
I’m half drunk now, the vodka is over,
but there’s no comfort for my soul”

Or that’s how the chorus goes. My dad’s favorite song. I hate his taste in music. I despise it. But I see where this comes from. With the exception that this has been sung by a woman, it’s basically about him. Ever since my brother died, him and my mom have had some difficulties I would imagine. Both a love song and a ruthless way to tear yourself down… and chalga… and I can still like this if I’m very, very, very drunk.

OH COME ON!!! There cannot be a more “tavern” based song. “Champagne and tears is our life, drunk from love, we’ll drink until we die. Even if it’s sour, pour me some love, champagne and tears we’ll drink all our life.” and then “We say once more “That’s it! With you? Never again!”, but then we come back with more thirst than ever and we turn the world around” ….


Also a favorite of my dad’s. Why do I know the lyrics? This is ridiculous. More importantly, why did I just listened to it 6 times? I do not get myself. But it is almost 1 am, so I’m partly justified.

This song…okay, Slavi and his entourage have never been known for their distinctive and unique  voice qualities, but apart from that everything about this song is perfect. This is probably one of the FEW chalga songs that I can tolerate. The lyrics are just gorgeous (even though, still about love), the chorus is something like “And I begged you. And I searched for you. And I waited for you…That I’m burning, you know that’s true, that you’re gone, you’re gone and that’s a fact, but the heart cries for you, burns in me, you’re gone and that’s it!” , but it actually sounds beautiful. And the guitar solo is kinda awesome, too.

I’m gonna just…turn the side to Ceca and her Serbian music. Cause it’s a bit better. A bit.

I remember the glorious times, when I used to watch Music Idol, bulgarian edition. And one of the contestants in season 2 nailed this piece. Awyeah. That was just an fyi, btw. 😀

But let me wipe that shame off of my face and end the post with something quality:

Haven’t thought of that song in ages! Good old Lita and Ozzy…nothing like them at 1 am! ❤

By the way, do you remember that turkish stalker I had a few months back? Sinan? Yeah, he’s still around. Even though I have blocked him on facebook, e-mail, skype and whatnot, he keeps popping up with new accounts begging me to “take him back”. The latest of his works is this:

your in them all
me and you hand in hand
in all these old pictures
of mine
i wander if you look at them too
all those old pictures
of yours
looking back
texts of love
still not deleted
i wish i could
but something i must admit
i still love you
but do you still love me
maybe i’ll never know.”
The “texts of love” include me saying “fuck yourself with a chainsaw and get out of my sight”, the pictures in question are photographic art of his junk (I wouldn’t even call it art, actually…more like bad quality computer camera attempts) as for “all those old pictures of yours”, I’m scared to know and I do not want to… NOT ONCE have I been nice to him or talked to him for more than 3 min at a time. I don’t understand. It’s been a really long time now. Christ. Leave me aloooooooone.



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