Cuteness overload

Oh boy!

I just thought of how cute I used to be once upon a time. Check this bad ass mo’fo here:


I wasn’t fat, I was fluffy, okay? And at least I’m looking at the camera, never mind that I’m wondering what the object is. 😀  My dad thought that there was something wrong with me, cause my hair didn’t grow at all, but he was mistaken. It did. I got long hair, when I was 3. Just sayin! I’m normal.


And here lies proof that I was blonde! I was even more blonde, but the picture doesn’t show it that well. In summer, I used to be light golden. Good times!

AND NORA’S BROTHER IS SO FREAKING CUTE, I’M GONNA DIE (the whole reason why I did this post, actually. The sad part, when I don’t have any pictures of him). BABIIIIIIEEEEES! ❤ Don’t wanna have any, but………oh my merciful god, they are CUTE.

//Stef – jhgbcfkhjffhb


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