I’m doing something right! (I hope)

Hey, yet again.

Last few days have been eventful and I will not stop on every amazing thing that happened, simply, cause I don’t want to create drama. Maybe in a year or so, I’ll do a post with the most important things.

But now, I shall be boring for a while. Not that my whole life revolves around those “old dances”, but I can say that I really need to work on my dancing skills if I want to keep my awesome credibility intact. The training started last week, we have 3 times 75 min each week, and it’s a whole course. I am convinced that I was born with two left legs. Seriously! Why is it so hard? The first two times I entered the practicing hall, it was a disaster. Fist time I was dancing with some random guy with whom I apparently take biology and I didn’t learn anything. Well, of course we change partners all the time and it doesn’t really matter who you start with, but you’re stuck with that guy for at least 15 minutes. Anyway, I was trying to make sense in my head – what am I supposed to do with my arms and legs and every weak attempt failed miserably. The whole 75 minutes were complete and utter humiliation. And Henkka didn’t fail to notice (and comment on it numerous amount of times.) Ahh, he’s probably the only one, who can say “you suck, bitch” without me taking it seriously. But I do know he means it. 😀 Cause it’s pretty much true. The second time I started off with Joel and it was just ridiculous. He was making me laugh by just…being there. It’s a lot easier to mock your dancing skills, when there’s people around you to agree with you and facepalm themselves every time you turn and twist. Seriously, if it wasn’t him, MAYBE I could have done better. It was just too funny. And he didn’t know the steps either, so we were 2 beats behind, watching what Henkka and Noora are doing…and not even imitating it properly. By the time we had to switch partners, Joel was like “thank god, you’re not my problem anymore”. And with the time, I started to get depressed that I’ll never learn this shit. The minutes kept on going, but my brain wouldn’t wrap itself on the steps and the teacher kept on adding more and more….just ugh! After the practice, I almost begged Eduard to come and help me out, which he did. Eternally grateful I shall be….Got home half an hour later than everyone else, but that’s okay, cause practice was over.

And today, I wasn’t really looking forward to dancing, cause I was expecting the worst. We went in the hall and the teacher was like “now take a partner!” and I ran for my life…towards Leksi. First of all, we’re friends, so it wouldn’t be awkward. Second of all, he’s fucking good at dancing, since he’s done this last year. Third of all, all the chicks were super duper fast and I had to think quickly. These were the reasons running through my head, as I was running in slow motion towards the boy in question. My aim wasn’t as precise as I thought and I saw (again) Joel’s horrified face, probably thinking that I was running to get him. Thank the universe, no accidents happened, since I managed to hit my breaks on time and smoothly ended up next to Leksi. And everything went grande from there. The whole 75 minutes…were blissful! I could do every single thing SIGNIFICANTLY better than the two other days. Like, WOW, really! I was impressed with myself. I was good. Almost perfect, even. I’m awesome. This made my day go all well. The time didn’t seem as much and it felt like we were only starting, when we ended. I was all sweaty and my face looked like shit, but it doesn’t matter…I actually did something right!!! *Proud moment here* ‘Twas my päivän kohokohta! Well, appart of the really interesting few events that took place afterwards, but as I said…every story has it’s own time (also the one from the previous day).

Ahh, but a few good things happened today. And I think it’s been good.

Now that the sun rises at 10 o’clock the earliest and sets well before 16 pm, and I have school every day from 8 to 16, things are kinda annoying at times with all this drama and bad weather and too many boring lessons/skip hours. But it’s still good enough that I wouldn’t get home sick. I am missing my mom, though. She’s just sent me a package with a lot of presents and I hope it gets here on time. Home has really been on my mind lately (not necessarily meaning that I want to go back). From my old room and my mom’s tasty “lozovi surmi” and “musaka”, to my ever disappearing Bulgarian language skills. I’m not really missing any friends, I got some pretty wicked people over here, but I am missing the school experience somehow. I see posts with teachers that I know and they tell each other inside jokes that I understand and are hilarious and I sometimes wish I could be funny in all 4 languages (bulgarian, finnish, english and german) with people actually understanding the jokes for the most part. Like… “soitta Paranoid” wouldn’t be funny in English or Bulgarian, really… as well as “Ave ei! Kvo ave ei, ve ei!” would never be understood by a non-bulgarian. Sad. 😦 So there’s this bulgarian movie airing in Helsinki on Thursday and I think I’m gonna go check it out. Even though it’s dubbed with english subtitles and it’ free of charge, no one wants to come see it with me! 😀 Thanks for the culture appreciation, guys! It’s supposed to be very interesting. So if you’re reading this and it’s not Thursday yet and you want to come see that with me, you’re in. If not, I probably won’t go, cause doing so would be just…wrong. And desperate and pathetic. ‘Nuff said.

But yeah…not much more I can say in general that wouldn’t bring up strange questions from your side. Avoiding situations like a boss. 😀

And here’s a pic of Assu and me in Mantsa. Cause why not? :

//Stef – hyvää yötä! 🙂


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