Or the dangers of the internet.

I STILL remember Evgeni. And how can you forget, you old readers?! The whole saga with him started on the internet. All those days, when I was in school, texting him during lessons, wondering what he’s doing, all those EFFIN LATE night conversations we had about basically anything and my panic attacks, whenever I didn’t talk to him for more than a day….like the world would end any moment.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out, we’re not gonna stop on the reasons why. My point is, people, that internet is a shit place to meet people. Really…use it wisely. 😀

The only good thing you can do here is read my blog. Lol. But no, seriously, I’ve been trying to not speak to strangers as much as I did before. Cause they suck. All of them.

My day was shit, by the way, thank you for asking. Except for the dancing part, but even afterwards, there was someone to ruin it all completely. And it was bad, because of reasons. I also overslept 4 freaking hours, but that’s not really bad or anything, I just had to mention it. Since everyone seemed to do so today. Even some exchange students. I was supposed to go to this yfu party today, but I really don’t feel like it. Doesn’t sound like me, but honestly, I’d rather stay at home than drag my ass to Otaniemi and then wonder how to get back with the buses and shit. There are funner things to do here. And they don’t desperately need me, so…and my day was awful, so I don’t think anyone wants my “good vibes”.

My whole day/week is probably going to be something like:

//Stef – bye


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