Hey, everyone!

What’s up? What’s cracking, what’s new?

With me, nothing much. Well, today WAS a nice day, not only cause I actually got to get up at 8 am (ah, the luxury), but also because…it was a nice day. I had English with Aleksi and he’s loads of fun. 75 minutes passed just like that! Even though, we did have a “word” test that was more like a legit test, and I didn’t know about it, but it’s cool! I did my best, considering the fact that it was in Finnish.

Then we had lunch and nothing special happened there. At one point Karen and Joel went on about me being depressed or something like that. That’s probably the 6-th or 7-th time this week people have said that I look sad. I don’t get it. What do they see? If I’m not talking as much, it means I have nothing to say. And I’m just thinking. I can’t talk ALL the time…well, actually I can, but people get bored at one point.

So now that so many different people have expressed their personal opinion on my mood swings, I’m beginning to wonder if there really is something wrong. I mean, you’re creeping me out. But even if there IS something that I’m sad about, it’s not like I’ll scream it at the top of my lungs or even talk openly about it. Come on. It’s me we’re talking about, I’m a happy person, I’d never talk about my problems at the lunch table (or anywhere else). But do I look sad?

Anyway, after lunch I remembered to give Joel his present (since he has a birthday today) and it was hilarious. A pink (with baby yellow dots) “pony”, or at least it was supposed to be one. I made it with Salla some time ago, she was teaching me how to sow and yesterday I remembered that I promised Joel a pony a few weeks ago, so this was like…the perfect thing. It has only two legs (one front and one back) and no tail whatsoever (or reproductive organs, as it did not remain unnoticed), but…such is life. It’s a retarded pony. Special in so many ways. He’ll probably give it to some kid. 😀

Aaaaanyhow, I had a skip and it was boring, but then I had math and it was even more boring. At that time I was wondering really hard upon the philosophical question “Where the fuck is Henkka?!”, cause I hadn’t seen him all freaking day and he was freakishly pissed off the day before. He decided he’s gonna be awesome again 3 minutes before we all had to leave school, so…yeah. But it turned out that he’s tutoring the kids in pohjis or wherever, not really important for the story. 😀 And I didn’t see him all day, even though he was apparently present in the school premises in the morning, when I wasn’t there, cause I was sleeping (aw, fuck yeah). Not that I cannot live if I do not see his face every single day of the school week, I was juuuuust wondering. K.

After school ended, I went shopping. Big fail. It was supposed to be fun! Which it was, but not to the extent I was hoping for. I didn’t like anything special, except this cool t-shirt that I’m not gonna post a picture of until I wear it at least once. And I was there for more than 4 hours. I got home at 18.30 (and I got out of school at 14.30). Daaaaaaaaaamn. I also went to the store to buy something sweet, but once I was there I thought to myself “You don’t need this sugar. First of all you’re fucking fat and second of all, I don’t want you running around like crazy at 3 am in the morning, because of sugar overload.” and I ended up buying a pack of gum (cause I really needed some). Unfortunately, once I got home, I saw a bar of “Fazer” milk chocolate and Panda “banana” christmas sample bar (15 grams, but still). I ate like 7 pieces of the chocolate AND the panda bar. 😦 😦 😦 But…

Cause it was delicious and I’m not eating dinner anyway. And I’m awesome. Just throwing it out there…

By the way, yesterday was Kesäpäivä in school, or the so called summer day…in the winter (obviously :D) So here’s the best photo evaaaar:

//Stef – until next time…


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