Hey, again!

So yesterday was so, so, so awesome…

I went to bed at freaking 4 am the previous night, but I still managed to go to school at 8 am. And I wasn’t even tired. But that doesn’t matter. The day was awesome. I had English with Leksi and of course, with him we always laugh it off, the whole 75 minutes we had fun! Björklund was coming to us to see what we were doing, our books not even open, we just stare at each other and…laugh! And she seemed kind of uncomfortable with disturbing our humor session “Excuse me, can you do the tasks everyone else is doing, please?”. If I have to be honest, I didn’t even know what we were doing, but I said “sure!” and pretended to pay attention. Then we listened to some text and in the end, Astrid and Saara turned to us and we had a 2 on 2 talk about a freaking whale in a pool. I don’t even know… But in the end of the lesson we listened to Christmas songs on the video wall thingy and it was fun. And we got no homework. AW HELL YES!!!

Then 15 minutes of awesome break. I was doing something not so logical, don’t even remember. But the Biology promised to be good. For one reason. I couldn’t move the 4-th desk next to Jamppa, Noora and Johanna, cause it was taken, so I had to sit in front of them. Next to the guy, who sleeps in every single class. That meant that I could sleep, too, cause no one would care if I’m next to him. But 5 minutes into the class, Jamppa was like, “Stefani, come heereeeee”, so I thought…”Fuck it, Jamppa is more fun than sleep”, I didn’t even bother to pull the desk, I just took a chair and hung around Jamppa, Noora and Johanna. AND IT WAS FUN. We didn’t do all that much, but Pena was awesome and we were doing sophisticated terminological humor with Jan-Paul there, at one point me and Noora started tickling him, cause why not? Then we wondered what’s for lunch and since it was puurojuhla day…riisipuuro for lunch. I’m not the biggest puuro fan, especially if it’s oat poridge, but rice wasn’t that bad. It was like the “мляко с ориз” in Bulgaria. It’s actually the exact same thing, it’s just that here they eat it warm. It even has the cinnamon and the sugar. But I didn’t want to eat sweet stuff, so I took more bread and cheese. It was nice.

Then I had the best Finnish class ever. Elina Oja was somewhere, idk where, but Juha Pohja was replacing her and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, I slept through out the whole freaking lesson. Except, when the guys from religion class watched some praying chants, it was very quiet in our classroom and they’re next to us, so we all laughed, when we heard that! 😀 But yeah, in general, in the presence of Juha, I feel calm and relaxed like he doesn’t care if I study or not…which is true. I’m an exchange student in a Finnish class and he’s the Swedish teacher, lol.

Then I was supposed to have a skip, but we had the Christmas show. The teachers had some kind of an act and it was nice to watch, even though I didn’t understand everything, it was something about homeworks and the conclusion was that we don’t have to do them. Freaking awesome. The Joulupukki (Santa Claus) was some 3-rd grader, who’s in the studen council…idk who exactly, I only know Mikko…but who doesn’t know Mikko, I mean he’s everywhere! 😀 Anyway, Santa chose Nora, Joel, Markus, Olli and Verkku to eat this chocolate Santa and whoever does it first, wins another one.

And this is how it all went down: Nora threw us the chocolate Santa, we ate it for her before the rest => she won. 😀 Joel was the only one, who actually ate the whole thing, so I believe he’s damaged for life…The rest just laughed and ate their santas in peace. Then Joulupukki had presents for the kolmoset (the seniors), something like a hoodie and sweat pants that said “Etis (how we call our school), It’s all in the brains” and everyone has their own size, right, so they were calling people by names to come and claim their present, and there was this package that no one knew to whom it was supposed to go to and Mikko was like “Hey, who’s this?!” and the Santa guy took it and said on the mike “We have a present for Jokeri Homo? Ah, wait, that’s Sami! IS SAMI HERE?” 😀 It was hilarious, Jokerit are this Finnish ice hockey team that no one likes, apparently. 😀

Anyway, then we had dancing practice. It was nice. Leksi claimed me as his partner and thank god for that, cause he can dance. And it was fun, naturally. My happiness didn’t last long as we had to switch partners 5 minutes after that and it sucked, but what can you do..? 😀 At least they let us go 30 minutes earlier and with that, the last school day before the Christmas break ended. Oh, glorious day! On the bus stop we realized how wet it actually was:

Karen’s glasses and all their glory. 😀 They were getting foggy 30 seconds after every time she cleaned them. I rode with her on the bus until Iso Omena and she got off there, whereas I went home.

Got the dog in one hand a wallet in the other and I combined his walk with my shopping. We went to the distant store to get pizza and soda for the night, cause people were gonna come! I didn’t really know what to take from the shop, but those were the first things I saw, so it seemed convenient. And I was in a hurry anyway, so I just bought that and went home.

AND THEN, ASKSFJFH, THE AWESOMEST THING EVER HAPPENED. I got a big ass package from Bulgaria. Full with things that just scream “HOME”! For instance…

Crosswords! I’ve been agonizing without them in some classes. Especially since they are 75 minutes long! Crosswords have a sentimental meaning also. I remember (and I know they’re still doing it) my classmates collecting money for one big collection of crosswords and then everyone gets some papers and we start solving them. With the help of everyone we used to get every single word without looking at the answers. The principal was this close to banning them in school, because of us. All the teachers were SICK and TIRED of us. Sometimes, we would go to a whole new level, while a student is making a presentation and the teacher says “Are there any questions?”, someone would ask “Do you know the name of a river in western Thailand, it has 5 letters, the 3-rd one is M?”…ultimate trolling. We have gotten so many F’s (or 2’s in bg system and 4’s in Finnish), because of slips like that. But it’s FUN and it’s team work. Sometimes it was annoying, though. Like, when I buy my own shit and they want to take it from me and start solving. Hell to the no. It’s mine and I am gonna solve it. Fuck you. You can help me if you want, but….srsly, you take the paper, I take your life. Now it’s gonna be a bit boring, cause no one can actually help me out, since they don’t know the language and the magic would be lost in a way, but it’s still better than nothing!!!!!!!!! Crosswords in my hears 4eva. ❤

Just…the first pair is espic. I’m wearing it right now. The second one I will wear in school, since everyone seem to take their shoes off there for no reason, I shall do so as well. Blending in like a boss! The other 2 I’ve no idea why my mom sent me, but bless her, anyway! Gonna think of something to do with them. 😀 This is SO traditional. “Terlici”, even though probably every country has those, the meaning we put in them…it’s just us, ok? Can’t explain, too long.

Unwanted, but necessary! Old math notebook with stuff inside that we learn now in Long math. Also My mom was kind enough to send me a book for 11-th grade in the BG system, so I don’t look completely helpless, when I go back. This woman thinks about everything, damn. And just fyi, I HATE MATH. But this was good. Thanks, mom!

HONEY! <333 It’s obviously not from “our guy”, who makes the best honey ever, but it’s honey and it’s in the awesomest hand made package ever. Last winter I took care of more than 6 kg of honey. Which A LOT. I ate some every day instead of chocolate or sweets in general and my immune system was pretty hard core. Didn’t get sick even once and I had many many possibilities to do so. That time was basically warm radiator, green tea, honey and Gossip Girl. Awyeah! And this here is symbolic, but the packaging is really Bulgarian. Me gusta!

And my, without a doubt, favorite part of the package – THE LJUTENICA!!! As you can see, I couldn’t help myself and I opened a jar. I was talking the day before with Gergana on skype and we opened a word about the ljutenica and she was like “I bet your mom is gonna send you some!” and I knew that she’s sending me 4 kg of it, so I said “Yeah, she is” and Geri was surprised and said she was joking, but I am insane. Yes, I am. This is the best food ever made and they don’t sell it in Finland. I’ll take as much as I can, thank you very much. Everyone else says it’s like salca, but it ain’t. Salca is more watery and it’s spicy and it tastes bad. This is fucking ljutenica. It’s the reason why the world exists. Obviously, the difference is big! 😀

The rest of the package is presents that I cannot yet show, since I’ll give them to people, who (probably) read my blog. But cool stuff!!!

Aaaaaaanyway, then Nelli, Noora, Joel, Jazz, Johanna, Jamppa and Kaisa came home to hang and it was awesome. I wanted to make 2 nights, one with Assu, Emma, Saara, Iisa, Jorge and the rest and one with Jazz, Jamppa, Karen, Joel and so on…but Jorge was gonna have something and I thought we were gonna see there with one gang, but then everything fell apart and it was too late for me to change my plans, so…only 1 night. And it was REALLY nice. Nelli brought glögi and gingerbread cookies and Jamppa brought pepsi, I had already Jaffa, Fanta, Coke, pizza and candy, so it was all good. And I can’t say it was a party, cause it wasn’t. It was just….chilling. No alcohol or games or anything like that. And it was still cool. Well, I was hyper active for most of the time, but it’s okay! 😀 They like me like that. And one really cool thing happened. I realized I have a shit load of nice music in my computer. I was the dj and in the beginning of every single song me and Joel were like:

And then a high-five would follow. At one point I asked “Should we play In the Air tonight, just so we could go crazy during the drum solo?” “Oh yes, we should” and so we did. From the beginning we had our hands ready…wait for it…wait for it…it’s coming…aaaaaaand… GO CRAZY!!!!!


Then I sang with Jazz and Jamppa and even talked for a while, unbelievable, I know. And we just chilled, I guess…best kind of chilling available. And while Joel and Johanna were together on the big orange chair, the rest of us were like:

😀 Hahaha, just talking about random stuff that have no significance whatsoever. And I should watch Shrek again. Shrek is nice.  And I guess, I should end this post, cause it’s getting kinda long and you can see by the amount of gifs that I’m spending my time in tumblr once again and can’t help it, but post some of the awesome shit I have in my other blog. Self commercial, btw: http://www.stiifi.tumblr.com. Best pics ever. But yeah, the night ended pretty cool, I wished everyone a Merry Christmas and we’ll see each other again soon! 🙂

The day was awesome.



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