Last days of December!

No niin.

I’m gonna do a post about the last days of December. Not only now, but in general.

So…December is an okay month, I guess…with Christmas and New Year’s, everything is better. Except, I hate shopping for presents, cause I never know what to buy and I always forget someone. Sad truth. What rocks, though, are the days after Christmas.

Like today for example. Today is my name day! And my last 2 name days were spent in the company of my classmates (Ivana, Rumen and Victor in particular) at school camps in Pamporovo (2009) and Karlovo (2010). I cannot say it was all bad. Camps are an artificial environment to bring people closer. Both of the times on this date, we got so close that Rumen spent the night in my bed. In 2009 he was so high, he couldn’t keep his eyes open without seeing glitter all over the place, so I gave him a massage and put him to sleep. Ivana and her (back then soon to be boyfriend) kept checking on us every 2 hours or so, as if they didn’t have any important work to do, but me and Rumba were just sleeping like babies. I was going to go down to the disco, but he wanted to watch Harry Potter with me so bad, that I just couldn’t say no. And the diaper commercial sketch we did together that night will forever remain in my memory as one of the funniest shit I’ve done. And not to mention how we left Ivana breathless, when we were out in the snow and we were screaming one on top of other that we use “choek” (a word in bg, it means human, but it’s a contageous word like “niinku” in Finnish and “like” in English) and all you could hear from the whole conversation was “choek, choek, choek, choek, choek…”. Only a person, who was there at the time could appreciate the awesomeness of the moment, but that’s what made Pamporovo 2009 really great.

As for Karlovo 2010, on that date, Rumen got so hammered, he lost the key to his room and he banged the shit out of my room’s door until I had no choice, but to let him in. I was with my underwear only, since the heat was unbearable. I covered myself, of course, but that’s not the point. From 2 am to 8 am all we did was laugh and laugh and laugh…well, he was being his usual self, but drunk and I couldn’t help it, but find it hilarious. At one point he began to talk about how fascinated he is by how caterpillars turn into butterflies and how imagos are not really either and they’re lonely and need someone to love them. It’s not really funny, when I say it, but when you see his deep-thought-ed look and how he’s searching for the right sophisticated words to say for 5 minutes and when he finds them, he realizes that he can’t pronounce them in this condition and he starts swearing like an old fisherman without a catch…I’d pay to see that again. Anyway, at 8 am we finally fell asleep, me still covered in a thick ass blanket, the heat still booming from the radiator, like we’re in a sauna. And Rumen decided that it would be a nice idea to hug me. I do not know how I didn’t get a heat stroke.

The night before 2 am was eventful, though. I went through a lot of mood swings and a shit/great time with the people, who were at that camp. And the best memory I have from then:

I still love Ivana a lot, even though she’s a heartless bitch for most of the time. I would still turn the world around for her, if needed, cause way, way, way deep inside of her, there’s a person that I absolutely adore. But maybe it’s just me. I never give up on friends, even though sometimes I should… 🙂

And this year, I’m spending my name day peacefully. Finally without any drama (or Rumen) and fuss. I’m just chilling. And it’s awesome. I wish I could see my friends right now, not because there’s an occasion, but because I just feel like it. But we can’t always get what we want. Nevertheless, here’s 2 pictures of me on a tractor in a restaurant (to make you happy):



The restaurant was in the center of Helsinki AND it had a menu in Bulgarian. I…am…impressed. And the food was nice, too.

Now I will go for a swim and then my family is summoning me. I shall return to Espoo and be a Palo/Terikko again. Oh yes.

But before I go, I’d like to say that the days between Christmas and New Year’s eve are often really good and nicely spent. I am hoping for this once more and so far, so good. Santa was really nice this year, I got a lot of presents, all of which very, very good and appealing. Thank you, Santa!

Okay, NOW I can say that the next post is gonna be New Year resolutions and sums. I speak legit stuff here.

//Stef – but for now, I must depart. See you soon! 😛


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