What has it been and where is it going?!

Or in other words, New Year resolutions and a sum up of my year 2011.

Here we go:

The year 2011 began with a party (oh, what a surprise?!). Even though I was with Tsvetelina (the closest I will ever get to having a sister, she’s known me since I was in diapers) and I’m with her every year…voluntary service. Cause she’s awesome. And her friends rock, too. Usually the New Year celebration takes place in Pavel’s home, cause we can do ridiculous stuff there without anyone worrying about the consequences, since he’s the biggest party animal I know and there’s no way you could do something worse than him. Here are some memories from previous years:

Do not remember the story behind this, but I don’t think I want to know. Rafael and Pavel in all their glory. Guess who’s who…

…for a 20 year old man, Dancho definitely has a lot of hair. And he looks older. But yeah…

Anyway, last year was kind of stupid, cause we were at Pavel’s new girlfriend’s home/villa. I knew her from the Red Cross, we were working on a project together, but we weren’t really close or anything. And I knew ALL the 100 people that came to the event, but none of them was really a friend of mine (except for Tsvetelina, naturally). There were a lot of Fireworks and a fire show, booze, entertainment and whatnot, but it just didn’t feel right. Gergana was supposed to be with me, Yani, Maria, Rumen, Ivana, Victor, Cveti, Nikolai…all people that I couldn’t get together in one place even if I wanted to. So what choice did I have? 😀

Anyhow, the year kicked off okay, I guess. I don’t recall a lot of important events…the documents for Finland arrived and there were SO MANY things we had to do, I almost got the feeling that I didn’t exist before that, at least documentary wise. Had to do some vaccinations, new passport (even though I had identity card, wtf?), european health care card (that I still haven’t used, thank god), had to send photos, write motivational letters, list things about myself and buy plane tickets. It was exhausting. But fun in a way, too. Cause I knew it was finally getting real. In school, I was doing extremely good, I had straight A’s and all the teachers loved me, which was good, cause my stamnia usually drops after April passes and we got school until the end of June. I tried to do all the important work beforehand and by the time may came, I was pretty much over with the year. Then my birthday came, nothing special happened. Went to school, spent 7 hours there and then watched movies home. Didn’t bother to celebrate, cause as said many times before, the people I’d like to spend time with live far away and don’t know each other, so it would have been stupid of me to organize a party. I just chilled all day long. Then some days after that the seniors graduated and I had to say my final goodbye to Encho, for which I’m still very sorry, cause he was fun. We had a nice camp together and I wouldn’t say no to a proposal to hang out with him and other people some time. After the 12-th graders left school, we were the biggest ones in our shift (cause we have shifts), so we had the power. The rabbits (freshmen) were terrified of us and that pleased us.

It was good, by the way, that we were second shift in May, cause the summer was already here, we could freely go to the beach and enjoy ourselves. So, most people didn’t like the fact that we’re second shift, but I loved it. Wake up at 12, school starts at 1.15 pm, have at least one free lesson per day (usually the last one), go home, outside is still light, go outside with someone (Gergana in most cases), grab a beer, chill… Those were the times! In June I didn’t even bother going to school, firstly because I didn’t have to, since I already had all my grades and secondly because school started at 7.30 and I just couldn’t be bothered to get up that early. So my days were awesome. Even though the holiday hadn’t officially started, I had  my peace of mind. Sleep all day, party all night (by party I mean stay up late on the computer or indeed, party 😀 ). I spent half of my time at Gergana’s place and it was amazing how mush stuff of mine I found there. I was practically living there, I even had my own toothbrush. And since her parents LOVE me, they were begging me not to go “We’ll cook something delicious, you just stay here and have fun!” and I did so half of the times. But I had a home, too, so I felt obligated to sleep in my own bed every 5-th day or so. 😀 I mean, I know everyone wants me, but chill folks! My mom also started to get this feeling that I’m soon gonna be gone and she was like “Do you want me to cook you musaka? Or some surmi? Or something sweet? Or buy you something? You want me to bring you water? What are you doing now? Are you cold?” and usually I’M the one who annoys the hell out of her and I’m the one, who beggs for food (2 weeks in advance always). But being pampered wasn’t bad at all.

Then July came and with it, the summer holiday. Glorious times. I miss the heat, I can tell you that much. I started work with Gergana and she came to live with me for the month (for convenience, so we could keep each other company at all times). During the day we would work and during the night we would go to discos and just have fun. Oh, and how could I forget the security guys?! THE HOTNESS OVERLOAD. They were so fittttt, and Gerry was talking about them all the time. They were chilling in front of the coffee machine for the most part, so guess how much coffee we drank during that one month… 😀 At least 10 cups per person a day. AND NASKO. OH, GOD, NASKO. Me and him were like…the best team ever. We met for the first time at work, he’s 6 years older than me, but he didn’t believe me I wasn’t 18 no matter how much I tried to tell the truth. And we were picking on Gerry ALL THE TIME about the security guys. We even got their numbers and texted them from her phone, she was so embarrassed and was smiling stupidly every time they would come to us. And me and Nasko were just laughing hysterically. Ah, he was cool! The job thing was fun! Fun, indeed. And with the money I got, I just indulged myself with clothes, make up and whatnot. I loved it.

Then there were 3 days before I had to leave for Finland and my best friend (Yani) came from Stara Zagora to Varna (that’s like…300 km) to see me and say farewell..

Needless to say, we had some great time together (and we made some pretty embarrassing videos that will hopefully never see the light of the world).

Last day in Bulgaria (me and my mom got some food near the train station):


And then I left off and it’s been awesome since then. I mean, judging by the posts I’ve made, I hope you can see. I’m not gonna fall into big details about my life here, cause I’ve been posting posts about it almost every day and it would be just stupid if I said all those things ONCE MORE.

And my resolutions…:

Spend time with friends, have a great time, chill out more, study more (!), find more occasions for celebrations, be happier, make even more pictures and videos, finish what I’ve started, care more, not forget about people, feel appreciated and appreciate back, not worry about things that have already passed, be less nosy, let people have their freedom, keep some opinions to myself and be supportive of my friends and family, indulge stupid ideas and make memories out of them, stay up late, listen to a shit load of music…

In general:

 //Stef – have a great time, everyone!


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