Monthly Archives: January 2012

Töölön neurokirurgian poliklinikka

FDGHNJJHFGDF!!!! YES!!!! I can say it…I’ve seen a brain surgery live. What I love about Finland and my school and biology course 4 in particular is the fact that we got to actually go to the hospital and witness a legit surgery. It was so awesome… I had to wake up early and meet Jamppa […]


Well this should be quick… Guess how fucking crazy I am… I went ice swimming yesterday. I plucked up ALL my courage, stripped my clothes off, poked a hole in the icy sea and dipped myself in for a minute. And the proof:     I almost died. It was so, so, so cold…-23 degrees […]

The awesome Friday.

Hey-ho! So, those past 2 days have been eventful. Went to school at 9.45 and had “English”, which basically meant, solving math problems with Aleksi all lesson long. After that I had a skip and went to Tapiola with Jamppa, Nelli and Joel, so they could buy some candy. We went back to school and […]

Thrown in the game again.

Hey there! So these two days were cool But that’s not really what I would like to talk about…I mean…it is, partly, but not exactly. I was with Karen and Rasse yesterday for 2 hours after school and we were talking about many things. Karen’s crush (of course, haha), Rasse, future, problems and self-image and […]

Things to remember:

Hey, everyone! Before telling you about my pretty much boring day, I have something to say to everyone, who thinks the world is pink: Learn to say “so what” for things that hurt to tears. Learn to forget the “unforgettable”, learn to say “no”, when your heart screams “yes”, learn to smile even when your […]


Lazy days. I did a lot of stuff that are worth blogging about, but I just didn’t feel like doing a post. And now here I am…pictureless. But that shouldn’t bother you, right? Cause you like me just like that, with my words? Or? I was in Nurmijärvi during the weekend…to the mid-year orientation YFU […]

My, my, my

Super tired, but still…nice day deserves a post. Overslept for English….AGAIN. That’s the only thing that went wrong this Wednesday. I seriously should go to bed earlier, cause clearly this isn’t working out for me. I’ve been oversleeping at least once a week for the past period and that’s not cool. True that I have […]