Happy New Year!!!

Hey, everyone!

So, what I’m about to show/tell you is against every YFU rule and I’m not sure what might happen, BUT I think it’s worth it.

Let us begin! First of all, I wish you all a very happy new year, full of joy and good moments and all that good stuff that I cannot think of right now. πŸ˜€ Yes. Now that we got that out of the way, I will tell you about how my celebration went down.

Everything was good until 17:30-ish pm yesterday. Then it was just weird. I decided that I’m gonna wish all of my Bulgarian friends a happy new year and called Gergana first. I was walking towards Joel’s house and I was waiting for the signal. It did not come. But I talked. For 20 minutes…it was awkward. I knew no one was listening and the people from the streets thought I was russian, but I kept on talking anyway. Cause why not?! πŸ˜€ Yeaaaaah, my logic is very good.

Once I got to Joel’s place, I had a very warm welcome. He bothered to actually open the door and Johanna, who was already there got off of her comfy chair just to say hi. Awww. They were both super tired and they were chilling and I just started chilling with them as well. At one point it was so quiet, I was afraid of chewing my gum, cause it might cause some disturbance. Goddamn, those Finns! “I’m tired if you haven’t noticed! I had to make the food and all that shit.” “Yeah, I noticed, what did you do to the food?” *deep sigh and hesitation whether or not to speak* “….make it!”. Gotta love the precision!!! Then everyone came and the party started.

Um, I just want to say that there are two nights, when an exchange student should be allowed to drink as much as they want to and New Year’s eve is one of them. The other is his/hers birthday. But since yesterday/today was drinks-friendly and appropriate…I drank. It was fun. I did not stop to think about what may follow if I get shit-faced this exact night and…good for me. Jesus Christ. Me, Kaisa, Nelli, Henkka and Jazz were totally out and Joel was half-way there as well. But the pictures are not so bad… πŸ˜€ Just look:

πŸ˜€ At one point Joel’s brother and his friends came for a while and I had a nice talk with him…about music (naturally) and we were both a little bit off, but neither of us noticed that. I’m stunned that he listens to Florence and the Machine, really! I mean, WHAT??? I thought no one from Finland listens to her. Well, I do. <333

Anyway, the night was pretty awesome. I had to leave early, though (well, 1 am) and Nelli’s mom gave me a ride home and 3 seconds before we got into the car Nelli was like “act sober, she doesn’t know we drank!” and I tried…that meant, I didn’t have to do anything. I just sat there and whenever her mom asked something, I tried my best to first hear what the question is, second think it through, 3-rd – answer and 4-th – sound convincing. I did it. I’m so proud of myself. Then when I entered my house, everyone was already sleeping, so I didn’t have to worry about talking to anyone or anything. I lay on my bed for hours and hours, thinking that I will NEVER drink again. Ever. Which is probably something out of the question, I will drink again. I spent an hour talking to Kaisa, but it was tiring triple checking everything. So I just gave up and…waited for the morning. But I wasn’t that bad, you know…if no one said anything, I think I was just fine. Just a bit tipsy. But the night was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today, both me and Iiris (even though we look fine) did this:

And yeah…it was uncomfortable in the beginning, because of all the noise and sudden movements, but it helped get over the night quicker, so… πŸ˜€

But yes. You guys have an amazing year/day/night now, you hear!

//Stef – ohhh, it was nice.


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