How is it possible that I’m so lazy?


Even though I’ve been going out every day somewhere (or at least almost every day, including today), I feel like I’m not doing anything and I’m just…lazy. Don’t want to do anything. I’m doing stuff, of course, but…staring at one point for hours suddenly seems so appealing. Christ, I sleep too much. By the way, once my mom told me she’s been traveling a lot and seen a lot of people and has many friends and she even considers herself, but I am the laziest person she has ever known for her 39 years of life. I don’t know if it was an insult or just s fact/statement, but thanks, mom! 😀

Now that 2012 kicked off with a good start, I can relax and talk to random people. Btw, just cause I’m nice to you, doesn’t mean we’re friends (yeah, you know who you are). I’m nice to everyone. You’re cool and all that, but stalking my facebook profile and creeping on me isn’t really nice. You can talk to me, but just so you know, we’ll never be friends and I won’t tell you all the things you want to hear. I am not so interested in your emotional baggage or your Portuguese girlfriend, so anytime you feel like you’ve been rejected for long enough, you can stop with your attempts. Thank you.

I’m being rude, I am aware, but it’s the nicest way I can put it, sorry. I don’t like to let people think we have a special connection or anything at all, when it’s not true. And it’s not because I’m too good for other people, it’s because they’re just different than me and there are more suitable characters for their personality, I’m sure. So it’s just a waste of time to be bored and annoyed with someone for 24/7.

On the other hand, my friends are awesome. Just like me (I mean that they suit me, not that I’m awesome…even though I am, but telling it so many times would be considered as a shameless narcissism and arrogance…which is also something I posses, but let’s not go that far). 😀 And they’re amazing and super cool and I’m currently living in a world of make believe with them. Just so you guys know, haha! Well, Yani has been absent for a long time and I can’t tell her all the cool things that happened (nor can she tell me how she and Velkov are doing), kinda sad…same with Gergana, but I talk to her rarely anyway, so it’s not that big of a loss, we’ll have PLENTY of catching up to do in the nights with a cold beer on the beach, when I go back to Varna! Bulgarian friends have been out of sight for some time, alright, but Finnish ones are here, wohoo. Joel, Rasse, Kaisa and to lesser extent Emma and Assu have been talking to me quite a lot about random stuff, just keeping me occupied, so it’s all good. Besides, I have (still) a lot of ragecomics to look, music to listen to, movies to see, math so solve and on and on and on…life’s pretty good.

Then I’m also looking at Finnish universities as it is no surprise to anyone (I believe) that I would like to keep living here and since I have the opportunity, why not? Wondering what I would like to do, though. Media, for sure, but it has to bring me a lot of money and it has to be fun to do. Movie director sounds pretty nice, but I can also be a script writer or a travel journalist, since I do want to travel a lot. I need work with no work time, so I could sleep a lot and I need work that’s connected to musical or cinematic arts in a way, cause that’s all I will ever not consider as a job and let’s face it, jobs are mostly boring. I would have also loved to be a scientist, but it’s too late for me I think. Had to take more chemistry and physics in 10-th grade! BUT, also having in mind that I’m in a tourism high school in Bulgaria and my academic profession is hotel administrator, I could technically continue with that as well…and since we take a lot of food science subjects, I could also be a chef in a fancy restaurant, cause I know all about how food works (or at least that’s what my grades say). So…many…possibilities. The easiest would be to just continue with tourism and it would bring me a lot of money as well and I would get to travel, but tourism sucks and as much as I enjoy cooking, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be my job. So, why did I even go to that high-school? We’ll never know, I guess. But yeah, there are some pretty good universities here and in Scotland and in Denmark and Holland as well. All my friends are gonna leave Finland (apparently) for university, but I’m planning on coming back, cause it would be so much easier and…I want to come back. So? I’ll probably apply to many different majors and see where I get accepted and just sign in with the one that suits me best.

It’s not like I’m not ambitious. I want to reach the stars, of course! I want everything the world has to offer, I just don’t know how to get there and it’s scary that the moment is coming closer. But I know I’ll figure it out (don’t really have another choice, but I’ll love anything I start doing!). And besides, my mom has always comforted me by saying that no mistake is non-fixable. Even if I choose the wrong major, I’ll get my way around and still do my thing. I got this. (do you see how I’m making myself feel better? 😀 Cause apparently no one else will at the moment, haha!)

But yeah, I did quite a lot of house chores, while writing this (2 sets of laundry, vacuuming the house, reset the food in the fridge, take the dishes out of the dishwasher, go to the store, take the dog out and talk to Hannu), multitasking like a boss. And Hannu is awesome. Just fyi.

And on a random note, can someone explain to me what this is supposed to mean:

It reminds me of this video:

I do not understand either of those. The fuck?

//Stef – and now FOOOOOOD.

Edit: Oh god, for the last year I’ve gotten views from: Finland, Bulgaria, United States, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, China, Colombia, Brazil, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Holland, Ireland, Germany, France, United Kingdom,Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Israel, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Senegal, Mauritius and Australia. WHAAAAAT?! THANK YOU.  With 533,987 views…I cannot even… O.o I do not understand why you guys read my blog, but whatever the reason is…this is A LOT of views and countries!!! Thank you, indeed. It’s frightening how many people actually care to stop by every once in a while. Some of you even specifically looked for my blog on google… This has just made my day! Thank you, guys (once again, since I don’t know what else to say…)! This is awesome…


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