Movie day!


So, today (or should I say yesterday) was a movie day (as far as one movie goes). 

I invited Iisa, Assu and Kaisa over for a nice movie day and we had the day, alright, but it was so short….first of all, we all woke up at 14.00, so the whole thing started almost at 4 pm. And then we decided that we need to collectively go to the store and buy chips, candy and soda. We watched “Mean girls” and it should not come as a surprise to no one, that we all knew the lines by heart 😀 Here are the options for the day:


Yeah, most of it is Disney movies, but whatdoya gonna do…I love Disney! And here’s a small overview of all the crazy shit that happened:















Aaand with that I shall stop embarrassing my friends! 😀 It was a nice day, thank you guys for coming! 🙂

//Stef – now off to bed (or?)


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