“Why are you so happy all the time? It’s creepy.”

This is what Joonatan said to me a few hours back.

Oh no, he didn’t…

First of all, I don’t see the point in being sad all the time, which, I’m sure he didn’t mean, is something I should be, but still… I don’t approve of people, who don’t appreciate what they have and complain about stuff all the time. I’m not saying you should be ecstatic like I am (I admit, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming), but being in a bad mood because of stupid things is just not worth it. You’re taking bad time from the good time. Not cool.

Second of all, I have things to be happy about. Even if it seems hard to believe for some people, I like the way my life is going and I’m quite satisfied with my days. I know I should do more things, but as far as I’m concerned, being at home on the weekends and watching movies isn’t all that bad. 🙂 I like Finland and the people (obviously), I like my family, I like the snow and everything. And even though every day there would be small details to whine about, all in all, it’s going pretty good! And I’m happy about it, what’s wrong with that?

Third of all, hardly anyone would believe me, when I say that I have more problems than the average teenager and mine are more adult-oriented. But speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil and it shall not be there. Which means that by avoiding the problem, it eventually goes away (in most cases), if not, I just deal with it at one point and let things take their natural course of events. Even though I do tend to over-think things, I don’t share my serious problems to anyone and maybe that’s what makes me look happy in the eyes of others. I don’t mind. I am happy. We all have to live with ourselves. And as much as I wish that boys, make up and clothes were the only things on my mind, I’ll have to pass that statement to someone else. My life is not HARD, but it’s not easy either. I just deal with it and let the good times roll.

So yes, Joonatan, that’s why I’m happy all the time. And for your information, today kinda sucked, but I’m not the type of person, who brings bad emotions to the house *rolling eyes* and if I choose to be happy, you can’t stop me, happy I shall be. In your face.



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