That’s the stuff…(and ice skating)

Whadup, people?

So, I know my blogging habits are sloppy and I don’t always blog every single day, but here I am again with a shit load of stuff to tell you.

So, first off, this week has been great overall. Can’t complain. Every single day was full with nice emotions and laughter and whatnot. And my abs hurt from laughing too hard…it’s a thing I tend to do. Anyway, since I can’t concentrate on every single thing I did this past week, I’ll give Sunday a go… Ice Skating.

Woke up at 9:30 am, cause I was supposed to be at Kamppi at 10:40, cause we didn’t want to go late, since there were a lot of people going after 1 pm and yeah… Fixed myself pretty quickly, stormed out of home like an Olympic sprinter, cause I was gonna miss the bus (but I didn’t) and waited patiently throughout the ride. Noora texted me, and I quote, “Mä tuun puol kakstoista kun ei tuu muita busseja. mutta odottakaa mua, että ehin myös luistella.”, which basically meant that she was gonna be late. “Selvä, odottamme sua”, I replied and got off the bus. On my way to where 106 stops, I ran into Johanna and we were talking for a while about the inside dog  joke and this one picture, and then Joel called me with the stupidest logic ever! 😀 If they’re (him and Nora) coming with 106, it would make sense that we’d meet in front of the bus stop, when the bus comes if me and Johanna were there. And we were. But nooo, let’s go to the main entrance and meet there! Not a big deal, really, but…I don’t get the logic.

AAAAAANYWAY, as we were walking towards the ice skating rink, we were talking about random stuff and one that stood out was the fact that Joel’s mom apparently put 2 pairs of gloves with his skates, 1 thicker, in case he needs to pick ME up from the ice all the time. It’s true that it was my first time ever on the ice, but HAVE SOME FAITH IN ME. 😀 If my his mom is concerned about me, you know things are not going well. And Maarit was like “you should take a helmet, it’s really important”, but I said something like “I’m in a hurry, no time” and just went out, haha! As if I’d make it clearer that I’m a noob in this. After we went to the rink and got our skates on, we stumbled across a little kid’s skating show and we had to wait a bit until it was over and there’s a picture of the couple in our circle:

Rasse also came during the pause and we all jointly got on the ice. After what seemed as an eternity, but was probably just 5 minutes, it was very clear to everyone that I CANNOT skate. My friends were circling me around, humming the “Jaws” intense music (when the shark is out to get you). It was intimidating. 😀 At one point, someone took the microphone and said “There’s a free ice skating school for all children on the rink………and adults, too!” – the lady was clearly looking at me and Nora laughed so hard… But it’s not my fault that I can’t skate! And even though they tried to teach me, little progress was made… see for yourselves:

don’t know what’s up with the colors, I thought it would be better when it was on the computer, but I guess not… anyway, look at my cruel friends! (Rasse in general)

5 minutes after this was taken, Noora finally arrived and when we were skating together she said something like “Skating with you is like trying to walk with my grandma”…well, gee, Noora, thanks a lot! 😀 We also tried to dance the “wanhat” dances on skates and it was awesome. I challenged Joel and Johanna to do the boogie (this really fast and fun dance) with the hope that one of them will fall and I won’t be alone in my misery, but actually….they did it very well…and they looked…cute together. Awwwwwww. Awesome couple! 🙂 And after another hour of mindless skating and LESS than 10 falls (note that! And I got up on my own all 7 of them. No thick gloves needed. Just sayin’), we decided to take a group picture and go eat somewhere:

Nora, me, Rasse, Noora, Johanna and Joel.

We went to McDonalds, despite my rebelious proposal to go to Subway. I ate the biggest, baddest, meanest big mac ever and I felt ultra bad afterwards. The fries were not as good as they used to be, didn’t even finish them, but the coke was refreshing…

(because of Noora’s smiley face :D)

After I took this, Joel said “Stef, you haven’t blogged in 5 days, what’s up with that, I’m getting bored!” and the thing is, ladies and gents, that he just likes to read stuff about himself and look at photos and laugh at my stupidity. Well….there you go. Another post, 5 days later. Enjoy.

We were all going to go to the cinema and watch a movie, but there was only Johnny English 2 at that time and I’ve seen it already and so has Noora, so we just went home. By went home, I mean, had a long ass walk and sang on the streets and laughed (naturally, they were with me after all…) and then reached Kamppi. Can’t complain. We waited a long time for our buses to come and 106 came and went without allowing anyone to come aboard, so screw you hsl, you suck a lot at times. I ended up going home with 132, not going to Tapiola, which means that I’ll have to pay it a visit tomorrow during my skip. But it’s all good…I can do that.

Aaaaand then after I got home, me and Maarit went to this “Forever” gym studio or whatever you might call it and we had a REALLY intense aerobic workout for like 2 hours (with the sounds of old evergreens, awyeah!) and then some stretching…I think I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, it’s hurting even now. 😦

But on a random note, all my friends are super exited about coming to Bulgaria, it’s weird! 😀 I love it, of course, I’m even thinking about stuff we could do at Varna. For example go to the aquapark/the beach, to the cinema (and watch the newest films on ultra cheap prices), maybe a picnic…have wild parties at the night time and even visit 4as Pik (the most famous summer disco in Varna), I could get us a hookah for a week and we could stroll around in the Sea Garden or go shopping, or just sunbathe and eat junk food. It will be so awesooooooooome. And I talked to my mom about it and she said it’s completely fine, and everyone can come (as long as their parents let them go) and the best part is that seriously a lot of people can come and the more, the better! I want them alllllll. It’s gonna be on hell of a summer! ❤

And yeah…that’s what’s happening with me at the moment. 

//Stef – peace out


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