My, my, my

Super tired, but still…nice day deserves a post.

Overslept for English….AGAIN. That’s the only thing that went wrong this Wednesday.

I seriously should go to bed earlier, cause clearly this isn’t working out for me. I’ve been oversleeping at least once a week for the past period and that’s not cool. True that I have a late morning only on Friday, thus my chances of getting up late are greater than say, someone who has only 3 early mornings, but still…I gotta fix myself up.

Anyway, in biology, the first 45 minutes were BOOORIIIING. I was struggling to stay awake with all my will and desire to learn something, but…it just didn’t work. As I was giving up on life, something really interesting happened. Dissection….of a pig’s heart. Can’t say it was the best sight ever, but it was interesting. And there were no girls/boys, who were like “ewwwwww”, which was cool. They were all determined to do this thing and were curious and looking around and cutting and just…it was awesome. In the end, even I got to make a cut or two…

And then we got to test out blood type (A or B). I wasn’t gonna do it, cause it required me putting a needle in my finger and most people and my relatives especially, know that I’m terrified of needles or more so, the pain. Noora, Jamppa and Johanna encouraged me to do it, saying that it doesn’t hurt and Pena was joking and saying that I absolutely have to do it if I want to pass the course. My palms got all sweaty as I decided on overcoming my fear and actually “pinch” my finger. Noora was looking at me having a panic attack and she was saying “Hey, if it’s Β that scary for you, you don’t HAVE to do it…”, but everyone else did it and I was going to look like a chicken if I didn’t…so I did…TWICE, because the first time didn’t give much blood. I’m type A…as most of us. πŸ˜€

(Jamppa, Johanna and Noora)

Anyway, after the lesson ended, we had lunch (surprisingly, none of us had lost our appetite) and we stumbled upon Henkka and his huge banana…literally:

We are supposed to be all young intelligent adults in this school…and yet we’re having way too much fun with a banana. And banana jokes in general. I have a video of this young gentleman right here, eating the banana and us (the rest from the table) making it hell for him, but I don’t think I’m gonna post it, since it’s such a hit to his manhood. It’s just not appropriate…but I did upload it on youtube, ahaha…as unlisted. πŸ˜€

So, after lunch I had Finnish and that was boring as hell, don’t remember what I did to pass the time, but after that I had a skip and that was the time, when the 9-th graders from different schools had to come in Etis for a presentation, basically telling them why they should apply here for a lukio (last three years of their education). And the tutors of this year had to show them around the school. The weirdest part is that almost all of the tutors are my friends, that’s ridiculous…and I didn’t even mean for that to happen! Henkka, Noora, Karen, Joel, Rasse, Kaisa, Saara, Nelli…as well as Eduard and Oona, who are not exactly my friends, but they’re still cool and we talk a lot. πŸ˜€ I tagged along with Henkka and Noora and pretended to be a 9-th grader and I was talking to the blond guy for the first 30 seconds and when he saw me, he was like “hey, stupid bitch” and there were 30 or more kids behind us, who were just standing there waiting for him to lead. “Hey, don’t call me that in front of them, they’ll think you hate me” “I’m gonna have to speak Finnish, cause they just can’t take my super awesome English skills.” πŸ˜€ and it was funneeeeeh. Btw, I don’t know if you guys are aware, but no one, except for him has the permission to call me a stupid bitch under any circumstances, so don’t even think about it. And it’s kinda his thing, so I can’t just take it away from him… πŸ˜€ But yeah…

Also this really funny thing…when Opo presented Saara and Kaisa she said “This is Saara and this is Kaisa…now, can everyone see her, or should be ask her to stand up?” OH BURNNNNN. When the student councilor makes fun of your height in front of 300 9-th graders, you know shit is real. Poor Kaisa. πŸ˜€ We all laughed…

And when Nelli and Joel took their group of disoriented rabbits, two of the female kind were quite ecstatic that they were in that group…or maybe they weren’t in it, cause they seemed pretty far away from the rest but they still tagged along and made a run for it. They were looking at each other, screaming and smiling…just like undeveloped teens would do. πŸ˜€ It was hilarious. Now, I can only assume that this was because of the male part of the tutoring body, I mean, there’s no other explanation, ahaha. Dem bitches were tripping haaaaard. Hormones – making girls wanting to come to study in Etis! πŸ˜€

But here’s a pic of Saara and Kaisa for a change…

And after that was over, we had dancing practice again! As you already know, I didn’t dance last time and apparently we took two new dances that time + new steps from the own dance and I thought I was screwed, basically…But, surprisingly, I learned it all and even had time to have fun. The practice was awesome. And my day as well… πŸ™‚

And now, I’m super tired, but still have time to listen to night music:

And I’m in this state of being half-awake and I like this playing in the backround… I like the lyrics a lot…I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. πŸ™‚

//Stef – good night, world!


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