Lazy days.

I did a lot of stuff that are worth blogging about, but I just didn’t feel like doing a post.

And now here I am…pictureless. But that shouldn’t bother you, right? Cause you like me just like that, with my words? Or?

I was in Nurmijärvi during the weekend…to the mid-year orientation YFU camp for the Helsinki region people. To be honest, I didn’t quite want to go there, because of so many reasons… I don’t want to admit and see that half of my stay in Finland has already passed and I’m left with so little time here. I want to spend time with friends and family so much, but someone is always busy and sometimes I, myself, can’t make it and it makes me sad… Secondly, I didn’t want to get up early both weekend days, since I have early school every day of the week and I was looking forward to sleeping until late. Thirdly, I wasn’t so eager to meet the exchange students, cause they remind me of my stay as a foreigner here.

The good thing is, I saw Raino and Anni and Salla, the lovely volunteers, who I actually missed! 😛 And then also Laura and Till (exchange students), it was cool to see them again. And meet Steven from Austria, who just arrived here (for only half a year). All in all, it wasn’t that bad (as I expected), but we did a lot of workshops that made me think and that’s never good. But it was alright (more, actually)…and the food was also really nice and I overate big time…only cause I couldn’t find any chocolate 😀 Had to munch on something… but yeah. Don’t know how to sum it up. It was interesting.

Today I had only 2 classes, I was thinking about calling it sick, cause I wanted to sleep, but I didn’t and I spent my day with Henkka, Joel, Johanna and partly with Rasse, Jamppa and Karen, since we all went to Joel’s place to watch movies and talk. And then I had Finnish course and did stuff afterwards annnnnnnd ya…pretty usual stuff, really. I was gonna talk about cool things, but the moment is gone. Maybe tomorrow…

//Stef – yes, I’m lazy


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