Things to remember:

Hey, everyone!

Before telling you about my pretty much boring day, I have something to say to everyone, who thinks the world is pink:

Learn to say “so what” for things that hurt to tears. Learn to forget the “unforgettable”, learn to say “no”, when your heart screams “yes”, learn to smile even when your eyes are filling with tears and just live. Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns and butterflies. It’s about time someone tells this bullshit to you. No matter if you agree or not, you’re gonna end up doing it. It’s a good advice, when you know you’re not gonna follow it, but your thoughts are in a different position than your actions. When stuff are getting real and someone else is on the line, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to stop with your stupid games, swallow your egocentricity and arrogance for a second, and do the right thing. Now…

My day went pretty okay. Woke up at 6.30 am and wasn’t late for school. Math lesson went SUPER slow. The slowest lesson I’ve ever had, I think. I fell asleep 3 or 4 times for 15 minutes each time and it felt like I’ve been out for years. I even wrote a bit in my notebook, but time still didn’t go faster. It was agonizing. After I finally got out of the classroom, I felt like I’ve been kept without air for 5 minutes and this was my first gasp for air. It was glorious! Then I talked to Noora about whether or not she’s okay with giving me Henkka for one dance for the second day of the wanhat dances.

So, there are these big dances, right, and Henkka and Noora are a pair, so they’re going together. Everyone is going with someone, except for me. I don’t have a partner, cause I didn’t even think I’d dance for real until like 1 week ago, besides having no partner was bringing me a false feeling of freedom, somehow consoling me that I don’t have to learn the dances to perfection. But then things happened and I decided that I do, after all, want to dance, cause it’s once in a life time experience and all my friends are doing it and it’s fun and cool and I like how the practices are going and yeah…I want to dance. But getting a partner at this point is impossible, since the guy in question can’t learn all the dances so fast. I decided to ask my friends for help. I reached a consensus with everyone, I think. I’m not gonna dance on the big evening (thursday, 16-th of february), when parents are gonna come and see everything, but I’m gonna dance on Friday, the next day, for the school. I asked Henkka yesterday, when we were at Joel’s place if he minds dancing one dance with me and he said no, but I also have to ask Noora, since it’s her moment as well. I was quite surprised, when she said it’s okay. I didn’t expect an all caps rage from her, but at least a little convincing. She was super nice and said that it’s no problem at all. Then Jazz came and we shared that with her and she went all enthusiastic and said that she’d give me Jamppa for one dance as well. 5 minutes later, he said that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I also asked Rasse and Joel for one dance on Friday, so that way I could dance half of the program at least, but their partners are Helmi and Karoliina and they’re not really close friends of mine, so I would never consider asking them to give up their partners for a dance, besides I doubt that Joel would be keen on dancing with me and Rasse would say yes just out of politeness. 😀 However, Jazz decided to take matters in her hands and asked Helmi without me being there, so I just walked in on a very awkward situation. Needless to say, she said no. As I thought she would…hence the reason why I didn’t ask myself. On the positive side, Jazz’s attempt wasn’t that fruitless after all. Emma said I could dance one dance with Mikko as well…and he be cool with it. How nice!

Anyway, after the first class, I had Geography and that went by quite quickly! Well…in comparison with Math anyway. Talked about floods and Ecuadorian money…and some other stuff that I can’t really remember. On a random note, are you familiar with that wonderful moment, when the teacher blames the person next to you for talking, when really you’re the one, who’s doing it? 😀 Yeaaaaah, I should stop talking so much. But I can’t help it…there’s too much to talk about!!!

Lunch was cool, if you exclude the fact that we had fish soup…I hate fish. I took the “chicken” vegetarian alternative, cause…yeah, fish was definitely a no-go for me. But the company was nice. 🙂 And then we had listening comprehension test in English class and I nailed it like a boss (of course)! Then the 9-th graders came to Etis again for the “commercial” presentation we have and as you already know, most of my friends are tutors and they had to be there, so needless to say, I was hanging around too. At one point people started complaining about the noise going on around me and that I’m disturbing the tutor’s attention. Can’t help it that I’m so popular, lol. But, seriously, they were right, so I just backed away for the rest of the presentation.

Dancing afterwards was relatively fun. That’s about it. Then, when I came home I talked to my biological parents and now I learned that I’m gonna go to Levi (in Lapland) with my family on 18-th of February (right after the big wanhat afterparty) and we’ll be there for a whole week. How nice! 🙂

But yes, that was today.

//Stef – good night!


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