The awesome Friday.


So, those past 2 days have been eventful.

Went to school at 9.45 and had “English”, which basically meant, solving math problems with Aleksi all lesson long. After that I had a skip and went to Tapiola with Jamppa, Nelli and Joel, so they could buy some candy. We went back to school and ate the sweets in question, after what I had a math test (the real thing, screw code 7).

The battle. I went in the dark room, received my problem sheet, looked at it and said to myself “I’m gonna end up as a waitress…there’s no other option.”. I stared at the tasks for a good 30 minutes, after what I tried to do the ones, in which there was some numbers involved (cause 4 out of 8 tasks were only Finnish text, so I didn’t understand anything of em’). It was horrible. I probably won’t pass, but we can remain hopeful…I’d like to do so.

Anyway, after I went home afterwards, I took a shower and got ready go to Jamppa’s house. He was having this get-together for his friends, so we could listen to him playing on his piano. Okay, first of all, I want to say that with my shitty luck, something will go in my throat right when I have to be silent. While he was playing one of the pieces, my eyes were watering from trying not to cough. It was like as if someone ticked me with a feather on the inside and I just wanted to take it out or something, but it was very inappropriate to do so in the silence and music going on around me. On the other hand, Jamppa was being a bad ass and super perfect as always. It’s a pleasure hearing him play, he just takes me away to a whole new place. He’s an incredible friend, a pianist and a person as a whole. I’m proud of him… He did an amazing job. Can’t even describe how good it was…my simple ears probably didn’t even catch all the notes he hit with his fast fingers, it was quite grand. Musicians rule… And here’s a picture of him, just to make sure that his awesomeness stays in my blog forever. I like how he’s laughing at something in this one… 😀


And a small part of the rest, who were attending this wonderful get-together of ours:


After the concert part was over, we went downstairs to just have fun together. There were muffins and chocolate banana thingies, as well as Jaffa and Pepsi, so we were quite cool. The one thing that was really cool, though, was this:



NUTELLA!!!!! Joel brought two things with him – Johanna and the jar of Nutella. 😀 For both, we were grateful. But the nutella was eaten in a matter of 2 hours or so. I even got a spoonful or two. Once I tried to get to the jar and he just took it away, after what he looked at me and said “Oh, sorry…it’s a reflex, there you go” 😀 One does not simply take Nutella without a warning…

But yeah, here’s the next pic:



We were having a good time, talking about random stuff, we even got to a point where I was telling everyone my reckless school stories, such as locking me and my class inside the classroom and hiding the handle, and taking the vice-principal’s car on the roof of the school. 😀 Of course, I wasn’t the only one, who was telling stories, we were taking turns and there was a big discussion about whether or not we should speak Finnish. I mean, I could understand what they were talking about, but not everything and when someone suggested speaking English, Assu and Kaisa would say something like “hänen pitäisi oppia suomea, en mä halua puhua englantia” or something like that and I agree, so I was in the middle of a huge argue. I was fine with both languages, but of course, I’d be silent if everyone spoke Finnish. I understand a lot, I just don’t speak yet (not in front of native speakers, anyway…still have the fear of being mocked), but still…who the hell am I to say what language they should speak?

At one point, Joonathan (Jamppa’s younger brother) came to the room with us and thought of how nice Joel would look as Edward Cullen. He didn’t think so…(and mind Johanna, btw, who’s like “älä, älä, älä” to Rasse, who’s making fun of her because of the boyfriend situation 😀 ). Clearly, they were both overly enthusiastic: 😀

Some time passed, it was already like 23:00 pm and half of the people (if not more) were already gone…basically just Jazz and Emma, Joel and Jamppa were there (?) and for some not-really sensible reason, me and Joel decided all of a sudden to spend the night at Jamppa’s place and he was all cool with it, a few phone calls were made and things were arranged. This was not our original plan of spending the evening, but hey – why not? Jazz and Emma left at around 12.00 am and then it was just the three of us, talking about random stuff, many of which were strangely sweet and it was just plain cool to hang out with the guys. Didn’t get bored or anything and the atmosphere was just friendly and we were cracking jokes, but then we were also a bit serious and remembered a lot of things. We shared our first impressions of each other and we talked about other people as well (not bitch about them, but just…talk). Turns out that they thought I was shy at first…WHAT?  How…why…can’t even wrap my head around that. But maybe I was acting weird, cause those days were one of my first ones and I didn’t have so many contacts around. But yeah, thank god, the impression topic was so big and wide and it split into many other small topics that we didn’t even get to me telling my first impressions! 😀 Not that they’re bad, but too much talking from my side is never good. 😀

The night was really, really, really good, I loved it. And we ate the Nutella…how nice? In the morning, apparently I got up earlier than the guys, so they couldn’t jump “bear style” on me for a wake up call, like they had intended to do. Bitches, I’m a pro! You can’t surprise me…

Anyway, we ate breakfast, then watched Jamppa play some Battlefield (seriously, dude, PRACTICE 😀 ) and then Joel and me caught our bus home…only it was going in the opposite direction, so we had to get off and get on again on the other side…we ended up in a really weird place that none of us has ever been to before. But it was cool, we made it to Tapiola without a scratch! From there I got on my bus and went home, cleaned the house for a bit and went to the gym…

I have to say…I didn’t think I’d last 45 minutes on the treadmill. And the weirdest part is, I could have done AT LEAST 20 more minutes (if Maarit didn’t want to leave already)…and I’m in a bad shape. That was freaking awesome, I’m proud of myself. The day went  good…

As for what’s coming tomorrow, I have no idea. Throw some glitter, make it rain. 😀

//Stef – au revoir 


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