Well this should be quick…

Guess how fucking crazy I am…

I went ice swimming yesterday. I plucked up ALL my courage, stripped my clothes off, poked a hole in the icy sea and dipped myself in for a minute.

And the proof:



I almost died. It was so, so, so cold…-23 degrees (or was it -27), I’m not sure… The moment of truth…I thought to myself “You do that and you can do anything!”, I closed my eyes, prayed to the teapot, screamed “Jeronimo” and jumped. A thousand little spikes went through my body, I couldn’t see anything for the first 5 seconds, then I gasped and shouted, started waving limbs up and down…it was chaotic. But the warmness afterwards… I can’t explain it. It was cool. And I was SO red… 😀

I just want to note that I’m one hardcore bitch and now I have proof for that statement. Getting more and more Finnish as the days go by… 😀

//Stef – ’nuff said!


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