Töölön neurokirurgian poliklinikka


YES!!!! I can say it…I’ve seen a brain surgery live.

What I love about Finland and my school and biology course 4 in particular is the fact that we got to actually go to the hospital and witness a legit surgery. It was so awesome… I had to wake up early and meet Jamppa at Kamppi, because  I didn’t know the way to that part of Helsinki. Almost overslept, but actually didn’t and everything went according to plan. After a bit of navigational help from Johanna, we got there on time and it was quite cold outside, so the wave of warmness coming from the inside of the hospital was almost overwhelming, loved it! And we were warmly greeted by Rasse’s father, the great neurosurgeon, Mr.Kivisaari.

After we put our gear on, we went to this kind of like…common room and we were divided into groups. Should I mention how awesome Pena is for putting me, Noora, Johanna and Jamppa in the same group? Should I? 😀 Dat man… And here’s a really weird picture of him, lol:

Him and Mr.Kivisaari were in our group (of course, haha!). We had this little kid, who had a really severe case of epilepsy, so they had to cut half of his brain out and we were there to see how that happens. Let me tell you that the whole process is quite long and exhausting, especially when you’re standing up all of the time. At one point in the surgery room, before they had started to cut/burn/drill anything, I was at the most front and my throat was SO dry that it made me cough (in the protective mask, of course, but still!) and they all looked at me as if I was HIV positive and called me in the back. After 3 minutes of feeling extremely guilty for what I had done, Johanna felt dizzy and told Pena she’s not feeling well. Next thing you see is her body becoming completely non-responsive to what’s happening around, she had her eyes open, but you could see that she wasn’t seeing anything, cause she stared at a blank point and Kivisaari said “sit”, but once Pena let go of her, she completely lost it and her body twisted, knees bent and if no one had caught her she would have fallen backwards, but thankfully Pena and Mr. Kivisaari were there to help her. She totally fainted! 😀 We held her legs up high (well not me, but yeah…), so the blood can go to her brain and make her feel better. I’m still not convinced that it happened, because of the operation, cause first of all, there wasn’t anything special going on in there yet and second of all, Johanna is one tough chick. After watching a pig  being butchered (with all the details) with her, I KNOW that this Brain surgery is nothing to both of us…

But yeah. there you go more pics:

That one was from an open lower back surgery, which we saw live, while being in the “common room”, waiting for lunch. It was awesome….

And then we went eating like complete bosses. No amount of blood, tumors, muscle tissue and sterile smell are going to ruin our appetite! 😀

After that we hung around in the hospital a bit more and eventually went home…

Here’s a picture of me from home…cause those hospital pics suck. Not that you absolutely need to have a pic of me, but I thought I’d post one anyway…for the sake of posting.

And then the last two pictures of the post…the wonderful idea Maarit had. We didn’t put those in the freezer…just left them outside! 😀

But yes…that’s what happened today…this very lovely and very cold Tuesday! 😛

//Stef – you have yourself a good night!


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