Monthly Archives: February 2012

Great days!

Hey yooo! It’s been a while! I’ve been having a blast here. 🙂 Yesterday I was thinking about doing a post on all the things I like, for a change and today morning I was thinking about doing a post on my childhood village memories, which are more than GREAT and by the end of […]

Second post of the day!

We already have the Levi one, but MEH. I blog, whenever I feel like it and now I feel like it…again. I don’t even know what this is going to be about. But this is my blog and I don’t really care if you find what I have to say as bullshit…or boring, or unnecessary […]


Hey, everyone! I’m back, very much alive and kicking! I take it you want to hear how my holiday in Levi went?! Well, it was quite nice! The train ride to Kolari was a bit over 16 hours, but it didn’t seem as much back then, cause I slept, or at least tried to do […]


Oh my god….so many, many, many things happened that I don’t even know where to start from… Nor do I have the time to explain everything.  But I have to at least note here that these last two days were AMAZING and went by SO FAST, kind of merged even… So here’s what we did […]

Last 2 days…

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t posted any cool pictures in a while, but now I have something for ya! So, yesterday (Valentine’s Day) was pretty cool. In school, some of the tutors (Joel, Noora, Henkka, Oona and Karen) dressed up as a pedo bear and they gave lollipops and hugs to people. It was […]

Desperation Day! :D

Me and half of the females/males in Etis are single… And it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow. I got so depressed about it today, while cutting hearts for decorations at school…and then I talked to Karen for 3 hours straight about…sex and guys mostly, haha! And some other mindblowing stuff, but that’s another topic. So we got […]


For the fifth time this week… People are using it as an insult, as if it’s super wrong to be cynical.  First of all, I’m not a cynic. Second of all, is it just me, or is everyone talking to me about their love problems and then they blame me for expressing my personal opinion […]