Ice skating – vol.2

So hey!

How’s errbody doing in this fine evening of ours? πŸ™‚

You want me to tell you about my day? Of course not, but I honestly don’t care and you’ll get to read it anyway! πŸ˜€ So, I had my alarm clock set for 8:30, which should have given me enough time to get ready for the day. The sad truth is that I snoozed that motherfucker until 10.30…and that left me with 15 to 20 minutes time to do all those stuff that I had in mind. Had to drop some, of course, but I managed quite on time and I caught the bus to school. Why I went to school on a day off, I hear you asking from the 10-th Kingdom (awesome movie, btw, gotta watch it again)? Well, since everyone else had some sort of an exam on that code, they were in school and we were gonna go skating afterwards, so I decided to meet them all there…and eat lunch. Speaking of food, school lunches are really nice, I like them. This time it was some casserole with tuna, and since I do not like any kinds of fish, I took the vegetarian alternative, which was AWESOME….in fact, it was so good, I had to go and take more.

But yeah, somewhere in between the ice skating and the waking up, I got into this really bad mood, because of reasons… I was jumpy all throughout the morning anyway, so it was expected to “let the steam off” with that one thing that happened. But everyone noticed that something was wrong, with Jamppa being the first one to do so. “You’re looking at me as if I’m dying”, he had these puppy eyes and pouting expression that just screamed “What’s wrooooong, cheer uuuuuuup.”. After my comment, everyone agreed that I look like I’m dying and I should start being my usual self and laugh at my own un-funny jokes. I just had an episode of bad-mood and it happened to be in school. It got to the point, where I was thinking if I even want to go skating anymore, since everything seemed so crappy in my head, and I was thinking about whether or not to go for a good half an hour, which is super surprising, cause I was looking forward to that day. Thankfully, I didn’t share my thoughts with anyone and eventually decided that it’s not worth it to miss out on this, just cause it seems like a bad idea at the moment. Cause I knew it was going to be fun, even before the actual event took part. And besides, Henkka started to talk to me about “How I met your mother” and it was funny…have you noticed the “sandwiches” ? πŸ˜€ And are me and Henkka the only ones, who find it amusing and funny?

Anyway, we went to the skating rink, we were Rasse, me, Johanna, Joel, Henkka and Nora. And it was fun…as expected. I learned how to skate forward, which is a huge progress. I got Pietari’s old ice hockey skates, cause I heard it’s better to learn with them and even though they didn’t look their best, they really were easier to control. One thing that sucked was that my feet were hurting quite a lot and I needed to sit on the bench twice, so I can rest them for a while. But I was warned that this might happen and a month ago Henkka also told me that he wouldn’t want to hear me complain about my legs all the fucking time, so I tried to keep it shut for not only his pleasurable being, but also for the others. Didn’t complain at all! (even though it was worthy of their attention) πŸ˜€ ! At one point Joel handed me his ice hockey stick and tried to pull me forward, which resulted in a really miserable fail, I fell on my knees pretty hard (left one specifically). Probably one of the worst fall I’ve had in years…when I looked at my knees, when I went home, they were black from the blood under my skin. Right there and then I knew it was gonna leave a bruise and it hurt quite a lot, but I just “walked it off”, but now I may need to walk weirdly for the next few days, cause that shit hurts. πŸ˜€ And I fell on my knees once more, when Rasse tried to do the same as Joel.

Then they tried to teach me how to skate backwards, but I didn’t get it…cause I think it’s too hard for me yet. But maybe one day I’ll learn. We’ll see. After some good amount of time (something like two hours), we decided that’s enough for us and we changed from superheroes to Kent Clarks’ (pun intended, I know it’s the other way around) and we went to the store, cause the guys needed soda and candy. Then we saw that Nelli had texted me (us), asking if we’re still in Tapiola and want to hang out, grab a coffee or something…but it was too late, cause she had sent the message like 2 hours before I got to read it, so…yeah, we passed on that one. We went to the bus stop and from there home, I guess. And here are the pictures and videos from today:

Johanna here is like “Riiight…smile….” πŸ˜€ Love it! And it’s a nice picture, JoJo looks nice with a smile on (for a change in pics πŸ˜€ )

And after all of this awesomeness, I went to the gym and had a nice workout (only to ruin it, by eating a tasty tortilla for dinner, hah). But yeah, it doesn’t matter, I’m still cool!

But gotta go sleep now, tomorrow starts the 4-th period, we want to be fresh for it…

//Stef – night!


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