Oh my god….so many, many, many things happened that I don’t even know where to start from…

Nor do I have the time to explain everything. 

But I have to at least note here that these last two days were AMAZING and went by SO FAST, kind of merged even… So here’s what we did in a very brief text and then I’ll let you in on the pics:

I went to the hairdresser at 09:00 am on Thursday, then fixed make up and went to see the abi trucks that were passing through the street. It was fun, we got some candy from there and went home to finish up my look. I put myself into my dress, put perfume, jewelry and attitude and I went at 4 pm to the hall, where the dances were gonna take place. That first night I danced only 1 dance, cause my partner had another girl for that day, but I was still present and took pictures and videos and it was just awesome….Instead of taking a partner picture with him, I took a picture with Rasse, Henkka, Joel and Jamppa and I still think that it’s gonna be the awesomest picture in the whole wanhat history. I was really glad that my friends did this, cause it’s important to me…made my night lovely!  Then after the dances were over, we went to this fancy restaurant in Helsinki, had a really nice dinner, we found a table that could get all of our group to sit together, so the company was enjoyable! I was home at about 12 am, went to bed at 1am and woke up at 7 am in the morning, to fix up my make up and re-touch my hair again, cause the second part of the dances was starting at 10 am and we had to be in the hall at 9.30 am. Maarit and Iiris came to see me dance and took some picture, which you’re gonna see in a sec, but that day was also really, really, really fun! I enjoyed dancing…except for the tango, when my dress was sliding down and Henkka commented “nice boob, Stefani” and I was just like “I know, right!”, but ok, it wasn’t that bad, cause it didn’t go down enough to embarrass me completely. 😀 But yeah! After this, we took some more pictures and at around 12-ish, I was home again with 7 free hours. My brother (Aleksanteri) had his friends (the party animals of Tapiolan lukio) in our place, so I hung out with them for some time and then went to this club in Helsinki, called Circus with my friends, where the “continuation” was happening. Basically, lots of drunk people, loud party music, kissing people all over…fun. I danced for like 2 hours, then it just got boring. Joel went home, cause I guess he drank some sort of energy drink and it made his stomach hurt, Rasse went home, cause…well, clubs like that aren’t really his forte. It was me, Noora, Karen and Henkka for some time, just chilling, while Nelli and Jazz and Johanna were dancing, then Noora went home, it was just me, Henkka and Karen…and it got a bit interesting, when me and her started to tease him about the candy he got for Valentine’s Day! 😀 Haha! But yeah, then my brother and his friends crashed the party as well, they tried to introduce me to some other random guy, who offered to kiss me, but I just passed through him and told Ale that this time he has to remember what happened in the morning, he laughed and I didn’t see him again for the night (since it was fucking crowded). After some more time, Me, Henkka, Johanna, Jazz and Kaisa went home, or to Kamppi…talked till our buses came, then…went home. 😀 Around 1.30 am or so, Henkka called me, cause he was walking to his house and he was bored and I was almost going to bed, cause those two days were really exhausting. But it was fun talking to him for like 15 min or so. Then I went to bed and then I’m not really sure what happened, woke up at 11 and been free ever since. And now, soon, I’m going to Levi (Lapland) for a week, so no posts until next Monday (at least), folks! 😦

But hey, there you go…lots of pics:

Aaaand the own dance! ❤



Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s it…most of the pics should be here. 😀 For now – goodbye.



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