Great days!

Hey yooo!

It’s been a while!

I’ve been having a blast here. πŸ™‚ Yesterday I was thinking about doing a post on all the things I like, for a change and today morning I was thinking about doing a post on my childhood village memories, which are more than GREAT and by the end of the day I was thinking about talking about how awesome my friends are (again). So I’m gonna do all three, I guess. Cause I can.

So, since I’ve noticed I’ve become a lot self-centered (which is not necessarily bad, but it mainly is) and I’ve been thinking through my point of view way too much, I thought I’d make a bit of a change. I talk about myself a lot, which is ok on my blog, but I should stop doing it as much in real life. πŸ˜€ But anyway, my point was that I AM gonna talk about myself, but gonna try to not make it as arrogant as it usually sounds to me.

And I’ve been also complaining like crazy about random stuff, so it’s about time to appreciate what I have. My reasons to be happy are many! I have a nice attitude for most of the time…great family, more than amazing friends, I enjoy going to school and I like the nice weather we have in the Helsinki area right now. Everything is tip-top! I’m alive, I passed my math test, I’m actually a good ETIS student, the food is freaking delicious and I’m having a pretty good amount of laughs every day! You know, life is pretty good! And I’m having these pink glasses on my eyes all the time, so I can’t even see all the bad stuff. Or then there simply are none.

And while I was in art class few days ago, I had to “go back” to my favorite place on Earth. I had to think for a while, cause I’ve been to many places during my lifetime and I’ve enjoyed many of them, not to mention that I’m in love with my home town – Varna and pretty much any place there is closely connected to my nostalgia glance. But I choose “Ravna Gora”…my grandparent’s old village. It’s in the countryside, 160 km away from Varna and it has a total of 219 inhabitants, 200 of which are really, really, really old people. And the other 19 are/were kids. I haven’t been there since the summer after 4-th grade, so I would assume half of the so called population is already dead. But I loved it there. Grandma and grandpa would let me play outside until I wanted to and I had A LOT of fun with the little gypsy kids…I remember Iva, Vesa, Leta, Bota, Durjavata, Mitko (who was btw in my class for 4 years, love that guy). Man, oh, man, those were the years! Every summer and winter holiday, I’d be there with those fuckers, just wondering what to do all the weeks. SO MANY MEMORIES ARE FLUSHING IN!!! “Diado Radi”, Bota’s grandfather, who was drinking so much rakiya (bg home made alcohol), his white mustache was yellow from it…but he had a good heart and he would always buy us ice creams, when he saw us! Then I remember our goat, Fani, who was named after me. I used to put it to sleep in the barn every night at around 8 o’clock and I used to take it out on walks in the morning with my friends! We were pals with that goat…Fani was awesome and she loved me. Best pet ever! Then I remember Veronika – Bota’s donkey, who was so old and so short and so tormented-looking that you could almost mistake it for an ugly shaved sheep. She was awesome, too! We used to ride her to the store and backwards just for kicks and one time we got all 5 kids on her and she walked a good 20 meters before dropping us all into the baddest, meanest thorn bushes in the village and we were all bleeding afterwards. πŸ˜€ Good times!

Or that time, when we went hunting frogs with the guys, cause we heard that frog meat is very expensive and we had to try it out! We caught a frog alright…and a big one! And we cooked it all by ourselves and we ate it together and it was magnificent. And then 3 of the kids got a food poisoning, but that doesn’t count. πŸ˜€ Or, or, or that time, when the biggest rain storm in the last 120 years in BG hit the village and we had to stay in Bota’s house, which was made out of mud, tiles and dry faecesΒ (literally, they were mega poor…but it didn’t smell bad or anything) and we were with his grandfather, about 20 kids, and he decided it would be a really cool idea to fart as loud as he can and ask “why is it thundering so hard?”. Never had a more embarrassing laugh than that one. But everyone went hysterical!

Or the usual routine that all the kids would come home to my place at 8.00 pm SHARP, after the fake ass football game on the big lawn in the upper “neighborhood” for the Dino show on channel 1 and my grandma would rage that there’s no space for breathing, which was kinda true. And every single day, we would play the “house” game, where someone would play the man and someone would play the wife and the kids and we would put apples in our shirts to make it seem like we have boobs and it was just awesome. This old abandoned house was our big white expensive mansion and so many scenarios happened there, if I start telling you the ones I remember, 1 year wouldn’t be enough for me to end.

Or the times, when we went turtle searching in the forest and I almost got bitten by a snake and had a hornet stuck in my hair, which was rather terrifying, but still super cool! OR THAT TIME, when I couldn’t find my own freaking house, cause the plants were so big, they were covering the path and I ended up in the grave yard and the weirdest thing was that the guy, who was living in that house (diado Dinko) had died 40 days before that incident and my old folks had just moved into the place. And when Bota came to see the abandoned part of it and saw a cat with glowing eyes (cause it was in the night), he literally peed himself. And he had a crush on me, he was lovely! πŸ˜€

I miss that place…I often think about going back there just for a day…to visit, but I don’t have anywhere to go and no one to see, since my gypsy friends moved to Spain, old friends of grandparents are dead and all I have are the memories, so maybe if I have company (aka Gergana), we could go and see how the place has changed in the past 7 years…

But now I’m here! In Finland. And everything is sooo cool! Last few days have been really great. It already feels like spring, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and soon the snow will start melting also. I like how it feels. We spend more time talking after school and just the general “fiilis” is lighter and happier, at least for me. All worries are going away. And my head is even starting to get high in the clouds. Not that I haven’t seen how amazing my friends are during the winter, but now this fact is drawing more light to itself. On Monday nothing special happened really, but I had a good time. I was missing everyone, even though I hadn’t seen them in only a week. I saw Iisa and Emma in the hall and went to talk to them and how their holiday had passed and then Joel came out of nowhere with his hardrock cafe Berlin hoodie (show off! :D) Then Johanna came and when she stretched her arms to hug me, I was like “AWWWWWWWW, COME HERE” and she was just lovely! Then the rest came and I was just happy to see them! I like my friends…if it’s not obvious.

On Tuesday we went at Joel’s place to watch American Beauty (which is fucked up, btw, second time seeing it…) and it was also really pleasant! That onion chips was tasty…and so was the candy. I was shamelessly stealing from everyone and no one, except for Jamppa wanted my candy. Oh well… πŸ˜€ Went home at around 8-ish, took the dog out and then had my internet dose for the day! Talked to Gergana again for a bit, to the regulars also (:D) and went to bed early. Great day!

And today the sun was shining again, the classes went by so fast, in math I was teasing Henkka about the candy bag he got for Valentine’s day, cause he still doesn’t know who is it from. I like the way he thinks, it makes so much sense…just saying. And he told me that I’m great, which was really sweet of him. Thanks, Henkka! πŸ˜› You’re great, too! I spent my skip in the chilling room, talking to Emma and partly to Joel, I guess…not really sure. But it was also nice, even though I do think I talked too much about myself (again), I should stop doing that, cause I know how annoying it can be. Then in Finnish, I did my exercises and some things actually made sense, so that was pretty great, too! I got this (or at least a part of what “this” is). Then after school we spent again a pretty good amount of time talking to each other…that’s the thing I like about sun! We stay in the hall longer! And it’s cooler. And warmer. God, I’m gonna miss those fuckers, when I go back to Bulgaria… Anyway, I went to Tapiola with Jamppa and Jazz and yeah…Jamppa is seriously a REALLY huggable guy. I like hugging him. He gives good hugs. Karen, too! But I spent some time talking to Jazz, too, we also went home with the same bus and yeah…I fixed myself a really bulgarian meal that was beyond AWESOME!!!!

Ahh, this is the life!

//Stef – and there you go, a happy post! πŸ˜€


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