Monthly Archives: March 2012

The week…

Sup! Well, the week hasn’t been anything ultra special, but it wasn’t bad. Test week started and it started hard. My first test was Finnish and I had to analyse the picture “Kaski” from Eero Järnefelt and it had to be like 2 pages or so… I made a plan the night before, it was […]


Sup? Haven’t blogged again for over 4 days, shame on me. But then again, nothing interesting has been happening. School, home, school, home…same old stuff. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but it’s not that interesting at least. The mood has been up the last few days, with the exception of today. I mean, […]

You know you’re turning Finnish when:

Aaa Hey! So I was thinking today that there are a lot of things that can make you more Finnish than you already are and a walk around the store woke my immediate wish to think of the best ones and put them here in the form of a list. I’m not a Finn, but […]

Johanna is finally 18!!!!

AYUDGUJF!!! So much fun last night, I don’t even know where to begin from!!! School was fine, don’t really remember that much of it, except that I made Aleksi almost die  from laughter, cause I was talking to him about my dear goat Fani and what a wonderful back pipe she is, then in Finnish […]

Well hello again!

Hey! So, as you may have noticed already, I haven’t been feeling the blogging mood lately, but let’s see what this will turn out to be. So, a lot of things happened, almost none of them worth mentioning, but this week has been awesome (though it’s still only Thursday). Okay, so I was super excited […]

Video…instead of blogging. Me is lazy!

Bugs in the system?

Hello! I’m writing this as I’m waiting for my ride to Helsinki and from there to Lapland…so no updates for a weak! Just so you know… But the topic – bugs in the system. I’m sure almost every person has them. And especially girls. Since confidence has somehow been the topic of the week, popping […]